Opening A New Business Location | Laval

C&M Textiles Laval Montreal

Opening a new business location takes months, if not years of meticulous planning. Even for a long-standing company like C&M Textiles, there are many things to consider. In this article, we will be looking at the main objectives, reasons, and various considerations when opening a new business location. Coming off the completion of the new…

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Winter Fabrics That Turn Up The Heat

winter fabrics

Tired of the same old, drab winter-wear. Are you? Even though it’s cold and grey out there, doesn’t mean your zest for fashion has to disappear. Walk down the winter catwalk in awesome wool, flannel and cashmere!  Keep reading for details on how to turn up the heat on your winter fabrics during the cold…

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Blackout Curtains Mean Energy Savings

white blackout curtains

Saving energy costs is on everybody’s to-do list these days. One of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to bring your energy costs down is by installing blackout curtains in your home. These curtains will do more than just lower your energy costs and will give you great value for your dollar. Read below for…

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Growing a Business Through 3 Generations

1st Generation C&M Textiles Logo

CEO’s of successful companies are often times very hard to reach, much less do they have time to sit down for a chat. Lucky for us, our long time client and friend, Peter Auger, spared a few moments to sit with us. We spoke about longevity, family, reaching C&M Textiles’ 70 year milestone and of…

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Celebrate C&M Textiles’ 70th Anniversary!

1st Generation C&M Textiles Logo

4 Generations and Counting Lasting 70 years in business while still continuing to grow and evolve is a very rare thing. This is why we are beyond proud to be celebrating C&M Textiles’ 70th anniversary this July! 4 family generations later, we continue to innovate and set the bar for everything fabric and home decor…

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Custom Wedding Dresses

bride and groom holding hands

Make Your Wedding Unique Every bride wants to make their wedding day special. Playing games with your guests, creating dazzling centerpieces for your guests’ tables or riding to your reception in your dream car, are all great ideas to make your wedding unique. Also, a really cool wedding game to consider is the wedding wheel.…

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Spring Fabric Collection Has Arrived

floral living room design

Spring into Colourful Fabrics Spring is a special season, watching the greys of winter fade, witnessing the birth of colour once again. At C&M Textiles, the same process is underway as we welcome our new spring fabric and all the colours that go along with them! From floral patterns to multi coloured themes, we have…

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A Celebration 70 Years In The Making

70th anniversary C&M Textiles cake

Happy 70th Birthday C&M Textiles! You heard right! We’re celebrating C&M Textiles’ 70th birthday! 3 generations have taken part in C&M Textiles’ growth while solidifying their family bonds along the way. Originally founded by 2 brothers, Charles & Maurice Auger, along with Charles’ wife Georgette, 7506 Rue Saint-Hubert in Montreal, became the first location in…

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DIY Upholstery Fabric And Tips

Reupholstered Chairs

DIY Upholstery If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not the handiest person on the planet. But come on, that’s not keeping you from wanting to try your hand at some DIY home decor! If you’re reading this, the timing couldn’t be better! C&M Textiles has put together a great article with tips on how…

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5 Tips for a Modern Spin on your Home Decor 2018

Modern Living Room Looks

It’s still a little cold out there but fret not, spring is around the corner – and with spring comes spring cleaning! Cleaning up after a long winter is always an arduous task but it’s essential for decluttering and, let’s face it, keeping your sanity. If you’re like me and are unsure of where to…

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