Fabric Trends in Upholstery for Winter Home Decor by CM Textiles

Fabric Trends in Upholstery for Winter Home Decor

As the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end, the window of time in which bright blue skies and luminous sunlight permeates our everyday lives will get incrementally smaller with winter’s impending arrival. However, rather than spiral into a pit of depression at the thought of the imminent shorter days, colder weather, and snow, snow, snow, why not spruce up your immediate environment in a way that will help fight off the winter doldrums? Oftentimes, a simple change in upholstery or drapery according to the latest fabric trends in home decor will do the trick. A new covering for your couch or set of drapes for your living room windows can rejuvenate the look of an entire room, bringing you joy during the coldest and darkest months of the year.

Throw Some More Coal on the Fire

A few pieces of charcoal can add warmth to your winter fire, but the color itself can also work wonders with your winter home decor. Current fabric trends in upholstery favor the use of heavy and light charcoal fabrics on your favourite seating pieces to offset the additional winter sunlight streaming through the windows. Additionally, the darker colors can attract sunlight, leaving the seating warm for use. As well, light or dark charcoal drapery can offset the continuous infiltration of the color white in our lives during the winter season, providing a nice contrast to outdoor accumulations and white-walled rooms.

The Tinseltown Look

The silver and gold that adorns your Christmas tree need not be relegated to the evergreen itself. Increasingly, fabric trends in upholstery and home decor favour a rich, glittery, and glamorous use of silver and gold metallic fabrics for everything from throw pillows to drapery. The extra sparkle these fabrics reflect from natural and artificially light create a magical, warm, and cozy ambiance in your home- perfect for celebrating the holidays and brightening your cold and dreary winter days. It’s best to complement the use of these fabrics with lighter colors, particularly whites, so that the metallic tones  really stand out for maximum effect!

C&M Textiles: The Final Word in Fabric Trends in Upholstery for Winter Home Decor

The experts at C&M Textiles make it their personal mission to brighten up the days of every one of their clients, regardless of the season. Yet, they take particular care to impart their decades-worth of knowledge of design trends, styles, and fabrics in preparation for the winter, when spirits need an extra boost to brighten!

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