Halloween Costume Ideas Using Nothing but Fabric

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween’s here. Some look forward to this day all year to break out their extravagant costumes. Others may still enjoy Halloween, but don’t really have the time or resources for such costumes. We’ve got some quick simple costume ideas for the latter. Here are some Halloween costume ideas using nothing but fabric. Ghost What Halloween…

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Freshly Reupholstered Chairs

Why break the bank on all new furniture and items when you can give your existing pieces a second life at a fraction of the cost; you should give reupholstering some serious thought. Outdated, neglected furniture can look like new unique pieces. But before reupholstering, learn the basics of the craft with an inexpensive thrift-store…

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Stay Warm This Winter With Shades and Curtains

Blackout Curtains

It’s official, summer is over. Please don’t direct your anger towards us. We hate winter as much as the next person. And with summer leaving, the cold has already arrived. The mornings are chilly and the nights are frigid. Snuggling up on the couch and watching TV in the evenings, now consists of covering up…

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