DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas Using Nothing but Fabric

Halloween’s here. Some look forward to this day all year to break out their extravagant costumes. Others may still enjoy Halloween, but don’t really have the time or resources for such costumes. We’ve got some quick simple costume ideas for the latter. Here are some Halloween costume ideas using nothing but fabric.


What Halloween is complete without the traditional ghost costume?  Simply use any white fabric you have, cut out holes for the eyes and arms, add rips at the ends and that’s pretty much it. It may be a dated costume idea, but the classics never die, no pun intended.

Superhero cape

If you have some colourful fabrics lying around, capes are incredibly easy to put together, and makes a perfect last second Halloween costume, you can just go with the cape by itself if you have no costume to add it to; worked for Dracula. All that’s required is some cutting.


Mummify yourself by simply ripping up an old fabric you have lying around and tying it around your arms and legs. For that authentic mummy look, it’s best to go with off-white colours. Rip the fabric into strips and start rolling it around the arms, legs, torso and head.

Toga or an angel

The toga is a staple at most Halloween parties. Creating a toga out of fabric makes the perfect Caesar, or any other Roman for that matter. This same outfit can also double as an angel. Simply swap out the laurel crown for a halo and add in some angel wings.

Statue of Liberty

This one is pretty creative. Surprisingly, the Statue of Liberty costume is pretty easy to make, it requires no sewing. Simply take some green fabric, about the size of a twin size bed sheets, and wrap it around yourself, safety-pinning it over the shoulder to fit. To make the tablet, simply wrap some more green fabric around a book. Finish off the look with a hat and you’re good-to-go.

Butterfly wings

It may sound a bit unconventional, but when done right, the look is quite. Simply cut a large half circle piece the size of your wingspan (the size of your arms spread wide from one hand to the other). Have someone safety pin the newly cut piece to the top you’re wearing across the back of your arms and lower neck. Lighter colored fabrics work best because there’s a design element to it. You’ll need to draw some patterns on the fabric to give it that butterfly design.

And there you have, some quick and easy Halloween costume ideas using nothing but fabrics when you’re caught in a pinch. Happy Halloween!