Custom Drapes

Nothing ties a room together better than flowing and luxurious curtains.

With close to 75 years of experience in custom-made window dressings, C&M Textiles is the only place to go to fulfill even the most discerning tastes. Whether stark and spartan or lavish and refined, C&M Textiles can fulfill all your custom drapery desires, no matter how elaborate or specific.

C&M Textiles prides itself on offering quality products and top-notch service. Experts in home decor, the representatives at C&M Textiles assiduously guide you every step of the way on the road to realizing your creative vision, according to your particular criteria.

After all, choosing the right drapery can be a daunting task. Curtains or blinds? Verticals? Custom or off-the-rack? The possibilities are endless, but thankfully, C&M Textiles offers in-store, at-home, and virtual consultations to help you make the perfect choice.

Whether it’s sheer curtains so that your living room is luminously lit during the afternoons, or blackout drapes to ensure not one ray of sunlight creeps into the morning to disturb your sleep, C&M Textiles can ensure the functionality of your window dressings meets all your wants and needs, and even fulfills those you didn’t realize you had.

For instance, have you considered motorized curtains? Nothing would be more satisfying than controlling your level of privacy from the comfort of your bed or couch with the simple flick of a switch. For those with less hi-tech tastes, C&M Textiles is well versed in classic curtain and drapery formats, such as Pinch, French, Tab, Hidden Tab, Pocket, Ripplefold and Grommet curtains.

In addition, C&M Textiles’ wide variety of fabrics and materials can offer each one of their clients the opportunity to achieve their aesthetic vision and lavishly beautify each of their rooms. With over 1500 fabrics to choose from, there is no doubt the distinct vision you are looking to create can be achieved perfectly and affordably!

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