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Shades & Blinds

When it comes to home decor, we see window coverings as the backbone that holds everything together. At C&M Textiles, our 70 years of experience combined with our industry-leading customer service, ensures that your choice and installation of window treatments is in good hands. We offer a vast choice of blinds, curtains, shades for any and all your needs. Take a look at some of the high-quality, window treatment brands we carry below.

Roman Shades

Roman blinds don't offer the same light control as other shades. However, the pleated style of these blinds allows just enough shade in blocking and letting light in. The advantage of Roman blinds is that it uses an entire piece of fabric.

Roller Shades

Roller shades pair very well with drapery. Sheer drapery can be used with blackout roller shades for a gentle, diffused light during the day, and the shades can be drawn at night to provide privacy and block morning light.

Sheer Horizontal Shades

oft sheer shades pairs sheer with fabric vanes which transform the light that goes inside a room. The shades diffuse the light and distribute it to the interior space allowing just the right amount of light inside while giving any room a soft and elegant look.

Banded Shades

Banded shades combine alternating sheer and solid bands in a single shade for a truly unique solution to light control. You have the ability to shift the bands to overlap, so you can have your ideal levels of light control and privacy.

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Curtain Fabric Choices

Curtain Styles & Benefits

Blackout Curtains

The biggest benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to block light from entering a room. This is important for young children and people who work overnight shifts. Blackout curtains also keep cool air in on summer days while keeping warm air in ono colder days, maximizing energy efficiency.

Ripple Fold

There are many advantages to creating ripplefold window treatments. They require 25% less yardage making them more economical and the ultra-even folds are architecturally pleasing from inside a room or from outside a building.


Although sheer drapes will allow you to block the view of the outside world, they will still allow in a decent amount of sunlight. The fabric is thin enough that light is still able to come through, but thick enough that nobody will be able to see into your home.

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Motorized Blinds & Curtains

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Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Convenience & Energy Savings

Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of motorized blind and curtains. With a dedicated smartphone app, you can regulate how much light enters your home, saving you money on your energy consumption.

Smart Motorized Blinds

Smart, motorized blinds and shades can help control the solar gain and heat loss your home experiences with automation - opening and closing at pre-programmed times. With the addition of smart home technology, the blinds can actually learn when they need to open and close based on temperature and sunlight, maximizing your energy efficiency.

Child Safety

After many unfortunate incidents with children, a law was passed in 2018 that all window treatments and covering be cordless or have inaccessible controls. With motorized blinds, there are no cords and therefore no risk to your child’s safety.

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