In today’s topsy-turvy world, the one thing everyone wants is less stress and more comfort in their day-to-day lives.

Sitting down to rest after a long day’s work will be even more relaxing with motorized blinds and drapery from C&M Textiles. With the push of a button, you can effortlessly and noiselessly adjust your light saturation and privacy levels from the comfort of your own couch, easy chair, or bed.

Practicality and safety are also factors in outfitting your home with motorized blinds and drapery. Too busy cooking supper or taking care of the little ones to close the curtains? That won’t be an issue anymore once you allow C&M Textiles to help you outfit your home with the motorized blinds and drapery that are perfectly in tune with your specific taste and style.

You’ve Come To The Right Place!

C&M Textiles is committed to helping its customers find the perfect motorized blinds or drapery for every specific home decor aesthetic and function. For that reason, C&M Textiles offers only the best in smart shading solutions from the experts at Somfy. A worldwide leader in motorized curtains and drapery, choosing Somfy is a choice in performance, reliability, and above all, quality.



Controlling your motorized blinds or drapes has never been easier! One push of a button allows you to adjust your light saturation and privacy levels, or you can pre-program your preferences and let automatic sensors and timers do all the work!




Watch those energy bills shrink significantly when you schedule your motorized blinds or drapes to block out the sun in the summer to let your air conditioner work at lower settings, or let the sun’s warming rays steam into your home in the winter!



Make hard-to-reach cords and manual adjustments a thing of the past! C&M Textiles will help you chose the perfect motorized blinds or drapery to help maximize your comfort and living space.



Controlling your motorized blinds and drapery can even be done from your mobile device! Just enable Vacation Mode in your myLink™ app and you can control your window dressings remotely, giving the illusion that you’re still at home while you’re sipping cocktails at the ski lodge or tanning on the beach.



You can time the opening and closing of your window dressings with automated presets on your Somfy motorized blinds or drapes, guaranteeing your privacy and shading and concealing your home’s interior when you’re at work or running errands.



Privacy has never been more assured! Somfy motorized blinds and drapery can be operated by remote control at home, remotely via mobile device, or by automatic preset!

Automation has never been this easy

Choosing a smart shading solution from a Somfy Expert is a guarantee of quality which certifies both performance and reliability and demonstrates the joint commitment of Designers Resource and the worldwide leader in motorized and connected interior window coverings.


Smart Home

Somfy’s motorization systems integrate effortlessly with many of the largest and most renown home automation programs. With Somfy Smart Home systems, you’re always in charge!



Somfy’s myLink™ application allows you to control your motorized blinds and drapery from any of your mobile devices!



C&M Textiles’ promotion of Somfy motorized blinds and drapery systems ensures our customers can easily schedule settings, adjust for temperature variations, and accommodate for weather, amongst many more options!

myLink: the app that controls your motorized shades remotely!

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