Home Office Decor Ideas

Home Office Decor On A Budget You’ve been blessed with the option of working from home. It’s a luxury that many wish they had. Sometimes though, working from home can be hard on your efficiency and creativity. Your home office begins to feel like a regular office and the distractions begin to pile up. It’s no surprise that revamping and … Read More

redecorating your family room

Redecorating On A Budget

Redecorating Your Family Room Though we all try to get out there during the winter months, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors. Who can blame us?! With record setting cold temperature and consistent snow falls, we definitely enjoy staying in. Other than the kitchen, the family room is where time is most spent. Whether you have the … Read More

Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor Ideas For 2018

It’s Time To Rethink Your Living Room Decor A new year is around the corner. With a new year comes new ideas and new home decor projects! For example, revamping your living room. Our living room holds a special place in our homes. It’s a place where family gathers to relax, where good conversations are had and where you can … Read More


Drapes Help Keep The Cold Out

Window Treatments For Cold Weather Drapes | Your Secret Weapon For Winter Year after year, we all know it’s coming and yet, it still takes some getting used to. That’s right, winter is here. We are all moaning and groaning about the cold weather to come and with good reason. Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature but we can control … Read More

Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings – Judge Us By Our Cover

Wall Coverings Are Fabric? Yes, they can be. When you bring out the old photo albums and take a peek at the walls behind the people, they’re usually plastered with wall paper. It was a home decor must many years ago. These days, not only is wall paper more beautiful and more functional, it can even be done with fabric! … Read More

Home Decor Accents

Home Decor Accents – All In The Details

Home Decor Accents | Small Changes, Big Results When it comes to revamping our home decor, we often think about the big projects we can take on in order to make that giant splash. Big changes don’t always return big results. Adding home decor accents can make a world of difference to both your home and your wallet. Sometimes, there’s … Read More

Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors | What They Say About You

Fabric Colors – Personal Preference Or Cultural Influence? It can be said that the colors we see affect us in profound ways. Why is the color red so often associated with passion, love or sometimes even anger? Why is the color blue seen as calming? In the same way that weather can change our mood, colors can have a similar … Read More

Fall Fabric Colors Are Here

Fall Fabric | Orange Is The New Orange Personally, fall is my favorite season. I know, I know…the summer heat and sun are gone. Fret not my friends. Fall has more to offer than meets the eye. You can finally wear that awesome leather jacket you bought, take a nice walk and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and foliage. Autumn … Read More

Interior Design 2017

Interior Design Ideas for 2017

Home Is Where The Art Is Interior Design | Great Ideas For 2017 As hard at it is to imagine, 2017 is already more than half way done. Where has the time gone?! Luckily, we’re still a few months away from officially closing off the year, so why not get creative, be productive and end the year with a bigger … Read More

Living Room Decor

Reupholster – Bring Your Memories Back To Life

Everyone Has A Story Reupholster Your Furniture & Your Memories When new people visit our homes, we often give them a tour and mention the simple, heartfelt stories that certain pieces of furniture have. They may be inanimate objects, but in some ways, they tell a story better than we can. When you reupholster that reading chair or that love … Read More

Summer Fabric Ideas

Summer Fabric Ideas – Beautiful & Practical

Summer Time Creations Summer Fabric Ideas Finally, summer is in full swing. Spending our days outdoors with the family is on the top of our list and what better way to enjoy those moments with your own outdoor fabric creations! At C&M Textiles, we offer a wide variety of outdoor fabrics that are both beautiful and durable, making your summer … Read More

Custom Bedding

Custom Bedding – Style, Comfort, Relaxation.

Made to Measure, Made to Last Custom Bedding Redefined We often hear of custom clothing or custom built homes, but rarely do we see or hear of custom bedding. Our bedding is our only constant, tried and true, sleep companion so why settle for less? At C&M Textiles, we offer the best quality fabric from any custom bedding designs. Along … Read More