Halloween costumes in a pinch

Halloween, one of our favorite holidays is here. We love dressing up for costume parties. If you have plans to attend a Halloween party, but scrambling to come up with a costume, we’ve got some last minute ideas that can help. Little Red Riding Hood The essence of a Little Red Riding Hood costume is the red cape of course. … Read More

Blackout curtains for nurseries ensures a good night's sleep

Parents want to ensure the nursery is as comfortable as possible for their little ones. A good night’s sleep for your child is the most important element of a well-planned nursery. Sleep is no less important than food, drink, or safety in the lives of children. Although this may seem obvious, many children today don’t get the critical sleep they need to develop … Read More

Fall 2016 colour trends

Fall – what a beautiful time of year, the weather’s a bit cooler, the days slightly shorter, and what we personally enjoy most, the beautiful colour changes of foliage. And just as fall brings about beautiful vibrant colours, the same applies to home trends. Let’s talk about what the popular fall colour trends are this year. Pink, that’s right pink. … Read More

Decorative acoustic panels

Acoustic panels help reduce unwanted reflected sound in any room of your home or building. Until recently, however, many people were confined to utilitarian panels that didn’t do much for the rest of the décor. With decorative acoustic panels in your home or office, you can make a statement while you insulate for sound at the same time. Sound absorption … Read More

Back to school

You know that commercial they play at the beginning of every school year? You know the one we’re talking about; the one where they’re playing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Andy Williams while parents are shopping for school supplies. While it is an amusing commercial, it does bring up the thought of preparing your child for their … Read More


Have you ever walked into a space and sensed that something was not quite right but did not know why? There’s pretty good odds that the colour of the room might be what’s off-putting. The colours that surround us influence our moods and perceptions in many ways. Colours and their placement can make us feel either comfortable or disconnected. To … Read More

Ripplefold Curtains

Stay cool this summer with the right curtains

It’s been a pretty hot and sticky summer thus far. While we’re not ones to complain about the heat, it can get uncomfortable inside the house. To compensate, we turn up the air conditioner and end up with high energy bills. Fortunately with the right window treatments, your homes comfort level can be regulated to just the right temperature without … Read More

The role curtains play in a good night's sleep

Although a fundamental factor in our morning and bedtime routine, curtains are not usually something which inspires much consideration beyond color coordination in bedroom design. Needless to say, your curtains have more functionality than complementing your bedding’s color scheme. Not only do closed curtains help add a little extra warmth to your bedroom and prevent onlookers, they have a strong … Read More

Drapery Hardware

Let's talk drapery hardware

Decorative curtain rods should relate to the style of the room. Those that are completely hidden from view can be chosen based on function alone. Let’s visit some common options. Let’s start with curtain rods. The curtain rod will serve as the main support for your drapes and serve as the central focus of your hardware. There are several different … Read More

Wall Fabric

DIY fabric wall treatment

Fabric wall treatments are along the same lines of wallpaper, except it’s more versatile, and the end results is stunning and tasteful. You can cover a whole room in fabric, just one wall, or part of a wall for a mural-like or wainscoting effect, or use stencils and cut the fabric out into different shapes for removable decorations. Fabric wall … Read More

Fabric – the heart of a good suit

There’s nothing quite like a nice suit. A nice suite conveys an aura of authority, professionalism and success. Whether at the office, a wedding, a baptism, or a formal night out, people take notice of a good suit. The cut of a suit is a good indicator of quality, but at the heart of any quality suit, is the fabric. … Read More

Textile trends to look out for this spring and summer

Textiles are one of the most important aspects of a space after wall colour. It’s no surprise that textile trends are always ever-changing. Here are 3 textile trends that are making the rounds for spring and summer of 2016. Monochrome One of the latest trends is the move towards monochromatic textiles and prints. Strong black & white motifs are a … Read More