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The largest selection of outdoor fabrics in Canada

The Great Outdoors Outdoor Fabrics for Summer Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re counting down the days to setting up your outdoor relaxation center! You’ve been dreaming about it all winter and as spring turns to summer, it’s the perfect time to think about remodelling and redecorating your outdoor patio setup. From your outdoor … Read More

Bridal and Haute Couture Fabrics by C&M Textiles

Dream Wedding Dresses & Haute Couture

CUSTOM WEDDING GOWNS A fairy tale wedding is, for most women, what dreams are made of. Though wedding planning has many moving parts, the bridal gown is somewhat of a central focus. You and your maid of honor have been combing through bridal magazines and looking up the latest wedding gown trends online but even with all that effort,  you … Read More

Wonder Walls

The art of wall coverings Have you been itching to redecorate but you just don’t know where to start? Let me lead the way. One of the most important updates we can make to a room is enhancing what surrounds it – the walls. At C&M Textiles, we have an incredible choice of wall fabrics, wall paper and other wall … Read More

Welcome To The Throw

Your day is finally done. Not only have you tackled your 8 hour work day but you’ve come home, taken care of supper and made sure that the kids are tucked in. It’s now time for you to indulge in some peace and quiet, so you make yourself some popcorn and start looking through your Netflix catalogue for the perfect … Read More

Back To Life

You know how everyone uses that phrase, “30 is the new 20” or “orange is the new black,” right? Well guess what? We have a phrase too: “Your old furniture is your new furniture.” While we are the leader in specialty fabrics, we are also growing rapidly in upholstery. With our wide variety of fabrics, patterns and themes, we are … Read More

Valentine's Day re-imagined by CM Textiles

Valentine's Day Re-Imagined

Every year, leading up to February 14th, we are full of questions and doubt. Why? We never know what to offer our significant other that would be different than the usual flowers and/or chocolate. This year, there is good news; the kind of news that will wash away your doubt and answer the whirlwind of questions running through your mind.  … Read More

Lucky 13

Has it really been 13 years?! Wow. It feels like just yesterday we opened our doors in Ottawa. Time has definitely flown by but it would’ve been nowhere near as memorable without our amazing team and even more importantly, our incredible clients. We have not only grown the C&M Textiles brand, but have also have come a long way to … Read More

Comfy couch with pillows and throw creates a winter indoor land

Winter Indoor Land

Why the long face? I’ll tell you why: it’s still winter. Those weather reports keep on painting the gloomy picture of cloudy days & snowfall. You’ve just about had enough. I mean, you’re a full time parent, work full time & the time you have to spend with your family is of the utmost importance. Rain, sleet or hail, you have … Read More

Christmas Bedding

The Night After Christmas

When it comes to the holidays, everyone talks about THE night. That’s right, Christmas. It’s normal right? It’s the culmination of many hours and days of preparation, not to mention the time spent running around buying the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Though most people have lost their Christmas lustre, you haven’t. You hung in there. You dashed … Read More

white bedding

It's a nice day for white bedding

(You have that song in your head now right? You’re welcome) Let’s talk sleep. You saved up to get that ultra comfortable mattress and you love it! It hugs your every contour while alleviating your back pain and, to top it off, it has the bonus perk of being able to stabilize a wine glass through the roughest of the … Read More

Drape Away The Rain

Sometimes we all need to turn the world off, right? When the weather turns grey and the long term forecast brings no better news, create your own relaxing atmosphere by shutting your beautiful custom drapes! Just like your choice of paint for your living room, bedroom, guestroom and playroom, your drapes can create the perfect setting for relaxation and positive … Read More

Motorized blinds by Somfy at C&M Textiles

Motorized blinds

We love technology. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it makes our lives easier. What interests us in particular is home automation. I won’t lie; I’ve turned my place into a smart home. Automated thermostat, installed; smart lights around the outside of my house, check; motion detection smart cameras at each door to monitor what’s going on when I’m not home … Read More