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floral living room design

Spring Fabric Collection Has Arrived

Spring into Colourful Fabrics Spring is a special season, watching the greys of winter fade, witnessing the birth of colour once again. At C&M Textiles, the same process is underway as we welcome our new spring fabric and all the colours that go along with them! From floral patterns to multi coloured themes, we have…
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70th anniversary C&M Textiles cake

A Celebration 70 Years In The Making

Happy 70th Birthday C&M Textiles! You heard right! We’re celebrating C&M Textiles’ 70th birthday! 3 generations have taken part in C&M Textiles’ growth while solidifying their family bonds along the way. Originally founded by 2 brothers, Charles & Maurice Auger, along with Charles’ wife Georgette, 7506 Rue Saint-Hubert in Montreal, became the first location in…
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Reupholstered Chairs

DIY Upholstery Fabric And Tips

DIY Upholstery If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not the handiest person on the planet. But come on, that’s not keeping you from wanting to try your hand at some DIY home decor! If you’re reading this, the timing couldn’t be better! C&M Textiles has put together a great article with tips on how…
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Modern Living Room Looks

5 Tips for a Modern Spin on your Home Decor 2018

It’s still a little cold out there but fret not, spring is around the corner – and with spring comes spring cleaning! Cleaning up after a long winter is always an arduous task but it’s essential for decluttering and, let’s face it, keeping your sanity. If you’re like me and are unsure of where to…
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Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout Blinds | Perfect for Movie Nights

5 Tips for the Perfect Home Theater Room Your home theatre room is the perfect escape after a long day of work and everything in between. In this blog article, we’re going to look at 5 ways you can enhance your movie watching experience including: blackout blinds and window treatments from C&M Textiles. Lights, camera,…
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Guest Room Decor

Be Our Guest!

The holidays are finally behind us. We made it! If you’re anything like me, the post holiday season has brought you some much needed relaxation, while also giving you some time to think. Think about what? Well, for starters, it made you think of how grateful you are about having had your whole family spend…
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