Redecorating for Relaxation Every Day

Whether I’m looking for the ideal room at our soon-to-be Caribbean hotel or scrolling through our friends’ recent vacation albums on Facebook to see where they found one, there was always one particular room that consistently popped up, caught my eye, and had me reaching for my travel agent’s number. There’s just something about this…

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Curtains That Block Sunlight & Nosy Neighbours

If you’re anything like me, your moods can run from outrageously outgoing and over-the-top, to privately quiet and contemplative (oftentimes in the same day). With this in mind, living in a house with large windows presents me with a unique challenge, seeing as how one day, I feel like vacuuming the living room in my…

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Children, Juice & Furniture, Oh My!

Reupholstering Services Montreal

Don’t get me wrong- I love kids, especially my sister’s kids. As a matter of fact, one of the things I look forward to the most during the week are those 2-3 hours I get a simultaneous taste of adulthood and parenthood by entertaining two high-octane toddlers with everything from PlayDoh to multiple viewings of…

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