Curtains That Block Sunlight & Nosy Neighbours

If you’re anything like me, your moods can run from outrageously outgoing and over-the-top, to privately quiet and contemplative (oftentimes in the same day).

With this in mind, living in a house with large windows presents me with a unique challenge, seeing as how one day, I feel like vacuuming the living room in my underwear while rocking-out with the curtains open and the sunlight pouring in, and the next, I’m curled up on the couch with the curtains drawn, nursing an Irish coffee and blasting through two seasons of The Walking Dead on Netflix.

I mean, not only do I have to get curtains- I have to get ones that match my personality, moods, and home décor.

Sounds easy, right?

Actually, it was.

One quick ride while rocking out to my Queen and Lady Gaga mix (don’t worry, I was fully dressed) to C&M Textiles, and a few hours later (what can I say, I take my time) all my window dressing needs were met, to my complete satisfaction!

Aside from a wide (and I mean wide) selection of every style and configuration of window dressing you could possibly think of, their patient (especially in my case) staff helped me choose my living room curtains: a sleek and suave navy blue number, lined in the back to keep out both the sunlight and nosy neighbors!

They also helped me narrow down the custom choices for my bathroom: bamboo shades or grey roller shades

Any suggestions?


Decisions, decisions…