A Cut Above – Ottawa’s #1 Skating Costume Source

Satin Pink Fabric

It’s 5am, it’s still dark and crisp outside. A little girl finishes her bowl of cheerios and heads out, half asleep. Her dad drives her to the rink, where they go 3 times a week. She sits down on the cold bleachers and her dad laces up her skates. Not too tight and not too…

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50 Shades of Grey to Decorate Your Home

Modern Industrial Grey Fabrics

Alright, let’s settle down. I’m not referring to the erotic novel or the sinfully delicious movie that followed. Simply, the colour grey! Goodbye beige, hello grey! Grey IS the new neutral. It has far surpassed beige and that’s a big deal! Grey is in between white and black and is a colour, without colour. Sounds…

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The Great Escape – Boutique Hotel Decor for your Home

Colourful Boutique Suite

Recently I did a little weekend getaway and stayed in a boutique hotel. I almost always stay in my favourite hotel chain when travelling, but this time wanted to spoil myself. Not to mention, I did want to say that I too, had stayed in a “boutique hotel”. What a treat! Everything from real hardwood…

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