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50 Shades of Grey to Decorate Your Home

Alright, let’s settle down. I’m not referring to the erotic novel or the sinfully delicious movie that followed. Simply, the colour grey!

Goodbye beige, hello grey! Grey IS the new neutral. It has far surpassed beige and that’s a big deal! Grey is in between white and black and is a colour, without colour. Sounds mysterious. Grey has literally gone from rags to riches over a very long period of time. In the Middle Ages, grey was a sign of poverty. Undyed wool was grey in colour and worn by the poor. Today, grey is used everywhere. In art, fashion and interiors. It is luxurious, elegant and pairs well with almost every other colour. Grey creates a perfect, neutral back drop or can be the front running colour in any interior.

We get so many clients coming in wanting to know how to work with grey. Recently, I had a client tell me “my house is like 50 shades of grey but I can’t stop myself!” Things to keep in mind when decorating with grey:

  • Not all grey has to be cool. Overusing too many cool greys may not create the look you were hoping for. There are many warm shades of grey too, and it is okay to mix and match your shades. Layering the shades will create an interesting, monochromatic space.
  • It is okay to have every room in your home painted various shades of grey! It offers a nice flow from room to room. When painting grey, stick with a flat finish. Using even just a semi-gloss will make the paint look like metal.
  • Just because grey is used doesn’t mean you can only use silver in your finishes. Gold, oil rubbed bronze and black also look great with grey.
  • If possible, pick your fabrics, furniture, blinds and accessories first then paint. Grey varies widely and is much easier to choose a paint to match everything else then visa versa.

So, what are some our favourite shades of grey at C&M Textiles?

Hunter Douglas Duettes – Available in many stylish greys like; Stone Hearth, a warm, light grey with a beautiful linen textue, European Cobblestone, a chic, blue grey with a creamy textural line running through it or Batiste Pewter, a very smart look which sports a mini check pattern.

Altex Aleo AmbioIf alternating shades are more your style, we love Ambio Jazz from Altex. These are available in Sterling, Stainless Steel or for those bolder, Shimmering Grey and Sophisticated Tuxedo. Complete the look with an aluminum headrail, hem bar and metal chain.

Fabricsmy personal C&M favourites are Gate Charcoal, Graphic Fret Greystone, Ikat Damask Pewter, Java Pewter and Malibu Grey. Check out our website to see all of our grey options! Robert Allen also offers some great fabrics in their colour library books Greystone, Sterling, Zinc and Chalkboard.
Looking for your perfect shade of grey? Want to learn how to layer greys to create an exciting and edgy interior? Want to find out which colours will add a punch in a totally grey room? We can help! Visit us and browse through our thousands of product options like blinds, fabrics and wallpaper. Remember, nothing is ever black and white. There are many shades of grey in between, and we have them!

Written by: Alicia Hewitt