Satin Pink Fabric

A Cut Above – Ottawa’s #1 Skating Costume Source

It’s 5am, it’s still dark and crisp outside. A little girl finishes her bowl of cheerios and heads out, half asleep. Her dad drives her to the rink, where they go 3 times a week. She sits down on the cold bleachers and her dad laces up her skates. Not too tight and not too loose. She walks towards the ice to meet her coach. The sound of her blade making contact and gliding across the ice instantly wakes her up. Other kids all across Canada are enjoying this feeling too, at the exact moment as she is.

All the early mornings, all the falls and bruised knees, all the commitment towards one goal. Competition day. Competition day is everything, but is nothing, without the perfect costume.

C&M Textiles is Ottawa’s best source for skating costuming. We carry patterns from Jalie, a Canadian company specializing in skating costumes. Each pattern is available in 21-25 sizes (kids size 2 to ladies size large). The pattern is only the start. We carry everything else to make each costume unique. Our fabrics include a variety of stretch such as lycras available in printed and foiled. Our other popular stretch fabrics are velvet, mesh, lace, sequins and linings. To help take each and every costume to the next level, we of course carry embellishments; hot fix Swarovski crystals, sequins, beads and yard good lace which can be cut out for appliques.

Most competitive skaters opt for custom versus off the rack. At C&M our expert staff understand the importance of this and will work with skaters, coaches and seamstresses to come up with the perfect look. With a wide variety of patterns and fabrics, skaters can perfectly reflect their routine music and theme. If you are looking to impress the judges with a never seen before costume, come to C&M Textiles!

Written by: Alicia Hewitt