Marsala Has Won 2015’s Colour of the Year

Marsala Colour

And the award for “Colour of the Year” goes to… Marsala! I’m sorry, pardon? I don’t want to rain on this colour’s parade, but The Pantone Colour Institute was WAY off on the “Colour of the Year” for 2015. Other years I’ve gone with it. I’ve seen where they were coming from and I’ve almost…

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Get Your Swag On!

Regal Fabrics and Upholstery

It’s official, Swag and Jabot have broken up. Sounds juicy already, like a good soap opera you haven’t seen in a while. All the same characters, new plot. Swag is doing quite well all on it’s own. No reason not to be, it was always the backbone of the relationship. Jabot, not doing so well.…

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The Ripple Effect

white blackout curtains

When I first started selling drapes a decade ago it was “what kind of pleat do you want?” It’s either pinch pleat, box pleat or goblet pleat. Then something different came along, grommet drapes. It wasn’t a pleat and it didn’t require rings. It was more modern, but wasn’t for everyone. Most clients asked for…

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Online or In Person?

C&M Textiles Logo png

Facebook or face to face? Instagram or insta-experience? Twitter or chatter? Some people are just online shoppers, there’s no changing that! They like to browse, customize and purchase online. They click yes, pay and except delivery, done! There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s quick, easy and a get it done type of approach. Then, there…

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