Reupholstering Services Montreal

Children, Juice & Furniture, Oh My!

Don’t get me wrong- I love kids, especially my sister’s kids.

As a matter of fact, one of the things I look forward to the most during the week are those 2-3 hours I get a simultaneous taste of adulthood and parenthood by entertaining two high-octane toddlers with everything from PlayDoh to multiple viewings of The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland before, exhausted, I elatedly return them to my sister until next Saturday.

What I don’t particularly care for are the grape juice stains on my immaculately pristine fifteen hundred dollar white material sectional couch that even my significant other knows not to go near!

My sister and nephew’s profuse apologies aside, I resolved to have it cleaned- but despite their best efforts, no cleaner could remove that faint purple outline from the middle cushion, and for months, as I sat watching television, reading a book, or passing by the living room to answer the front door, that faint purple outline stuck in the corner of my eye like a particularly prickly cactus.

Finally, (after a month of hearing me complain) a co-worker exasperatedly suggested I get the couch re-upholstered.

I have to admit, I made a face- call me crazy, but upholstered chairs always brought to mind images of Archie Bunker’s old beat-up barcalounger I used to see in reruns of All in the Family. But, as my co-worker kindly pointed out, my options were limited, it would be cheaper than buying a new one, and everybody was fed up of hearing about my couch.

Let me tell you, one trip to C&M Textiles (which I was surprised to find out actually did upholstery) was all I needed. Not only did I find the exact color and material my damaged couch needed to make it look like a show-room quality piece of furniture again, I found it an extremely affordable price, and the wait time to get the job done was not only reasonable, but fast.

I’ll have to keep them on speed-dial the next time my nephews visit…