Room Shading and Drapery Inspiration for your Dining Room by CM Textiles

Room Shading and Drapery Inspiration for your Dining Room

Whether you’re looking for a roomy and spacious aesthetic for dinner parties, or a warm and cozy atmosphere for intimate dinners for two, creating the perfect ambiance for your dining room is an important consideration for any homeowner.

There are two important points to consider when designing your aesthetic: 1) that the look and style of the window treatments match your overall decor, and 2) that fabric allows for the level of light saturation you are most comfortable with. Balancing between and accommodating these factors can be difficult, but not impossible, especially if you have experts like those at C&M Textiles helping you along the way. In a matter of hours, C&M can help you blend your personal aesthetic with functionality to achieve the perfect balance of room shading and drapery inspiration!

Natural Decor for an Organic Living Space

For those who aim for a natural and organic feel to their dining room decor, having space – or the illusion of space – is of paramount importance. To that end, using light colours (whites, yellows, and pastels) for the walls, keeping furniture to a minimum, and ensuring copious amounts of natural light into the room, are essential design elements. This is especially true if your dining room is adorned with potted plants and flowers.

In terms of  window dressing, your best bet would be a light material, such as sheers, in order to allow for maximum light saturation. If you wish to have some shade, a silk or chenille with a floral pattern would also look wonderfully beautiful!

The Cottage Life

Increasingly, the cottage look is becoming popular with suburbanites wishing to maximize their greenspace views and urban dwellers wanting to recreate “that country feel.” In terms of decor, balancing a semi-open space with the need to feel cozy can lead to a quandary regarding furniture, but less is always more in a dining room, especially when dinners host more than the immediate family.

Room shading and drapery inspiration should match the overall earthy and wooden tones of the wall color. A good suggestion would be a set of linen drapes. Not only do they come in patterns and colors that can accentuate and highlight the rustic decor, but can also match your desired light saturation with a choice between lighter or heavier weaves.

Room Shading and Drapery Inspiration Merged in Contemporary Decor

A modern and contemporary decor design by nature speaks to a streamlined and simplified aesthetic, especially in the dining room. Furniture must be kept to the bare essentials so as not to disrupt the spartan feel or disturb the uniformity of the smooth horizontal and vertical lines.

Room shading and drapery inspiration may seem limited due to a preponderant focus on matching or accentuating the usually matte colors of black, grey and white, but creativity can be expressed with alternating colors and shades, to say nothing of inspired patterns. Most contemporary window dressing decor designs opt for blackout curtains to completely block unwanted light, but a variety of materials, as well as a double layer of sheers and blackouts, can achieve your level of light saturation comfort effortlessly.

C&M Textiles would be more than happy to help you pick out the curtains that perfectly match your home decor. Contact us for a free consultation today!