The Benefits of Blackout Drapery and Sheer Curtains by CM Textiles

The Benefits of Blackout Drapery and Sheer Curtains

Choosing a style of window dressing that matches your personal taste is difficult enough, but can be more complicated when the choice falls between blackout drapery and sheer curtains. Between these two options, you have to ask yourself what type of person you are: one who likes complete darkness when the curtains are drawn, or one who likes to let as much light in as possible while safeguarding their privacy? There are benefits and drawbacks to both options, but C&M Textiles is committed to helping you make the perfect choice!

Blackout Curtains

Earning its name, blackout curtains block 85% or more of light when fully employed, leaving your room in almost total blackness. For light sleepers who are disturbed by the sun’s rays in the morning or ambient light from nearby streetlights, neon signs, or stop lights, blackout curtains are a must. Also, as blackout curtains are made from heavier fabrics like polyester, cotton, or microfibre, they can also muffle sound- another plus for light sleepers!

Another little-known benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to act as insulation from both heat and cold. Owning to their heavier construction and the insulating properties of their fabrics, blackout curtains can not only block the sun’s rays in the summer, but keep the outdoor heat from saturating your home. In the winter, blackout curtains help keep the cold outside the window panes and out of your home. Either way, the need for heating or air conditioning can be significantly lessened, saving you money on electricity year-round.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are made from light, semi-translucent fabrics like silk, rayon or nylon. Drapery like sheer curtains allows copious (though muted) amounts of light into your room, so it’s best to install them in places where not much sleep is needed, like a living room, kitchen or office.

A big benefit of sheer curtains is that when drawn, they allow you to retain your privacy while keeping your room filled with sunlight. Any daytime passers-by will not be able to see into your home, and you can continue to enjoy the natural light!

Blackout Drapery or Sheer Curtains: Not an Either/Or Choice

Deciding between blackout drapery or sheer curtains need not be a choice between one or the other. By layering your choice of curtains with both sheers and blackouts (or even blinds and shades) you can get the best of both worlds at your customized command! Aside from being able to enjoy muted sunlight or pitch darkness whenever you wish, you can continue to guard your privacy and reap the benefits of reduced energy costs.

Moreover, with over 70 years of experience with different styles of window treatments, C&M Textiles would be more than happy to help you pick out the blackout drapes or sheer curtains that perfectly match your home decor. Contact us for a free consultation today!