The Resurgence of Wallpaper in Home Décor by CM Textiles

The Resurgence of Wallpaper in Home Décor

For many, the idea of using wallpaper in their home décor is a relic of a bygone era, where platform shoes, discos, and rollerskates dominated cultural fashion. Yet, like most fashion trends of the past few decades, what once was popular and considered “funky fresh” can return to public consciousness with renewed vigour. Wallpaper is definitely seeing a resurgence of popularity in home décor, particularly in kitchens and dining rooms.

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Know Your Canvas and Materials

It goes without saying that your choice of wallpaper, particularly for the kitchen, should be particularly durable and washable. After all, heat, steam, and smoke caused by continuous cooking can damage the wall coverings, so you’ll want something that can be easily cleaned and last long for a long time.

Before you purchase your choice of wallpaper for your home décor based on style and aesthetic, you may want to take the following classifications into consideration:


Garnering the lowest possible rating for durability and the ability to be cleaned, ‘spongeable’ wallpaper requires only a light dabbing with a damp sponge. Any stronger cleaning methods or materials like cleanser or detergent will warp or discolour the wallpaper. This grade of wallpaper is best used for dining rooms, where exposure to potentially detrimental elements is low and cleaning is not routinely essential.


These wallpapers are more resistant to detrimental elements and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Best used in kitchens where cooking is light and simplified.

Extra Washable

These wallpapers are especially resistant to pressure when washing, and won’t rip, discolour, or warp easily. Best used in a kitchen where cooking is moderate and use of high heat or frying is limited.


The highest possible rating for durability and ability to be cleaned for a wallpaper, it can be cleaned with a brush and detergent. Best used for kitchens where cooking is heavy, and routine use of elements like cooking oil for deep frying is prevalent.

The Best Choice of Wallpaper for your Home Décor

From Contemporary to Classic, Avant-Garde to Traditional, C&M Textiles has the wallpaper to fit any taste in home décor. Whether you’re looking for a simple wallpaper style or something patterned, or have a hankering for something stylish, trendy and more elegant, we have you, and you kitchen or dining room (literally) covered.

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