Knowing Your Home Décor Personality: Upholstery and Fabric Trends

Knowing Your Home Décor Personality: Upholstery and Fabric Trends

Decorating a house can be a complex and daunting task, especially if you have no clue where to start. Do you go with something trendy and contemporary or classic and quaint? Sharp lines and spartan furnishings in a minimalist design or something more frilly and ornate with a rustic feel? Finding your own distinct style in everything from home decor like upholstery and fabric trends may be something you’ve taken care of years ago, but for others, some help in the process may be sorely needed.

The experts at C&M Textiles have identified the following 4 styles that most homes fall into, and would be more than happy to help you determine which one speaks to you!


Adorning the pages of many Hollywood magazines that delve into the homes of the stars, a Contemporary (or Modern) design is easily recognizable. Characterized by strong lines, muted colors, and a sparse array of strategically placed furniture, a Contemporary look aims for a more streamlined approach to home decor. Elegant, timely, and chic, a Contemporary design is often the choice for young professionals and couples, as it reflects the trends in modern life.


A Vintage design in home decor doesn’t only mean mimicking a style of a bygone era, like having an ‘80s themed game room or ‘60s themed living room, but finding and repurposing old pieces of furniture for new life in your home. As well, it can also mean recycling vintage materials and fabrics for use as upholstery for your furniture. Colourful and vibrant, a Vintage design in home decor can conform to whatever vision the decorator chooses- opening up a floodgate of creative opportunities!


If the work “glam” conjures up images of teased hair, lipstick, and heavy metal music, rest assured, the home decor style is totally different!

Glam (or City Chic) does not conform to one particular definition but can be generally described as a contemporary design with a flashy feel. Bold and vibrant colors, interesting and ornate furniture and art choices, and a focus on luxury characterize this mode of home decor. Dazzling and upscale, a home decor that is upholstered and follows the fabric trends of a Glam design is sure to shock and impress!

Traditional (With a Twist)

Also known as the eclectic approach, a Traditional (With a Twist) taste in home decor blends classic elements with new and more contemporary ones. This approach in home decor requires a discerning and unique vision, matching diverse furniture pieces, upholstery, and fabric trends into a distinct but unified whole. Defying trends while perhaps setting new ones, advocates of the Traditional (With a Twist) approach to home decor believe that every piece in their home has a story to tell- and it usually does!

Whether you’re searching for your home decor personality or looking for materials to express it, let C&M Textiles help you realize your vision today. Contact us for a free consultation!