Spruce Up your Home Decor According to your Design Horoscope by CM Textiles

Spruce Up your Home Decor According to your Design Horoscope

In searching for the perfect colors, fabrics, and furniture pieces for your home decor project, many a night may be spent staring out of a window, looking up at the stars, desperately searching for inspiration or a way to slip off to sleep. When either finally comes, don’t resist the urge to thank your lucky stars- after all, your design horoscope may have led you there to begin with!

Here’s what the stars have in store for you in regards to beautifying your home this year!


Passionate, hard-working, and determined, the perfect place for Aries to look to redecorate would be their home office. No-nonsense and occasionally stubborn, Aries likes to plant their feet firmly on the ground, which is why muted, earthy colors in fabrics would be best.


Down-to-earth and grounded, yet possessing a love for the finer things in life, a good place for Taurus to redecorate would be a personal nook or solarium. Although earthy tones and light fabrics would match Taurus’ personality best, a brightly coloured accent piece would also fit Taurus’ love for refinement.


With an ability to slip from one mood to the next in seemingly no time flat, carving out a space in the backyard seems like the best spot for Gemini. From a well-upholstered couch or chair, Gemini can watch the shifting weather in both comfort and style.


Sensitive and empathetic, Cancers often value their alone time. Decompressing and sorting through their emotions in an attic or basement, complete with soft and muted colors and fabrics, is both healing and regenerative for this zodiac sign.


Loud and proud natural leaders that demand to be the center of attention, Leo is right at home in the middle of the living room, entertaining guests and family on all occasions. Of course, this would be a chic and modern living room, elegantly styled and tastefully decorated.


Quiet and understated, but nevertheless essential, Virgo could best concentrate their efforts this year beautifying the bathroom. Pastel bath curtains would do well to create the calm zen this design horoscope sign is renowned for.


A craver of serenity, refinement, and balance, the perfect place for Libra to focus their energies this year would be the home study or library. Dark colors and heavy fabrics, particularly on seating furniture, can help Libra channel their contemplative moods.


Fiery and quick to take action, Scorpio’s talents are best served in the heat of the action in the kitchen. Flashy and eye-catching wallpaper or patterned curtains can draw attention from all who lay eyes on them – just the way Scorpio likes it!


Gregarious, open-minded and non-judgemental, Sagittarius makes a perfect host, which is why redecorating the dining room makes so much sense. Earthy tones for furniture and window dressings, offset by flashy reds for accents, strike the perfect balance between comfort and style.


Practical and level-headed, Capricorn prefers open spaces with plenty of light to contemplate their futures and the day’s events. Using sheers in the home office, living room, or bedroom can maximize natural light saturation so Capricorn can feel right at home!


Creative and free-spirited, any room in the house would benefit from Aquarius’ unique sense of style and aesthetic. From an ostentatious mix of color to subdued and muted tones, nothing is beyond Aquarius’ eclectic artistic vision!


Emotional and contemplative, Pisces could direct their attention to the bedroom, where darker colors and heavier fabrics can help create a cozy and safe vibe. Indulging this design horoscope sign in secure comfort is excellent for health and well-being!

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