Curtains vs Blinds: Not a Necessary Choice by CM Textiles

Curtains vs Blinds: Not a Necessary Choice

One of the more vexing decisions you’ll have to make is whether to install curtains or blinds on your windows. On the one hand, curtains are more varied in color and pattern and are highly aesthetically pleasing, but oftentimes do not provide sufficient cover from the sunlight. On the other hand, blinds block the sun thoroughly and efficiently, but can look rather plain and dull hanging from the window frame.

What most people don’t realize is that the choice between blinds and curtains need not be a choice at all! You can definitely install both, if you have the proper knowledge and expertise, like the team at C&M Textiles. For over 70 years, C&M has been designing and installing blind and curtain combinations in homes to beautiful results, and have three expert tips to share before you consider doing the same!

Choosing the Best Blinds

The first thing to consider when buying blinds is where you will install them: on the interior or exterior of the frame. In this case, you’ll want to install them on the inside of the window frame, so as not to come into contact or become entangled with the curtains that will cover them.

Next, you’ll want to choose blinds that complement your pre-existing decor and are aesthetically pleasing. Options are definitely limited when compared to curtains, but some alternatives to consider would be verticals, faux wood, rollers, and zebra blinds, as they complement many decor designs to begin with.

Choose the Drapery Hardware

With your blinds installed inside your window frame you are now free to choose the mounting equipment for your curtains. When choosing, remember to buy brackets that extend at least 4 inches from the wall so that your drapes have clearance from the blinds.

The curtain rod itself should match your pre-existing style of decor, but really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to interior design and personal expression. Thankfully, C&M Textiles has a wide variety of rods you can choose from to make your curtain/blind combination spectacularly eye-catching!

Choose Your Curtains

The ability to express your distinct vision and artistic flair in this blind/curtain combo project will reach its full flower when you choose your curtains. C&M Textiles has thousands of colors, patterns, and designs of curtains to choose from, and our team of experts will glad help you peruse them to find the one that will match your vision perfectly. Also, C&M carries everything from blackout curtains to sheers in terms of thickness of fabric, so you can decide just how much light saturation you are comfortable with wherever they are installed.

Don’t hesitate to contact C&M Textiles for your curtain/blind combo project and take advantage of our expert advice, diverse range of fabrics, and competitive prices!