Outdoor Fabrics for your Outdoor Furniture and Cushions by CM Textiles

Outdoor Fabrics for your Outdoor Furniture and Cushions

The lazy, hazy days of summer may be waning, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor furniture won’t be seeing anymore use. Aside from enjoying the few remaining weeks of warm and sunny September weather, curling up by the outdoor fire pit with a blanket, book, and some wine in the early evenings of October is not without the realm of possibility.

If you’ll be using your outdoor furniture and the cushions that line them late into the summer, early autumn, or even later, it may be a good idea to reupholster them with new, durable, and comfortable outdoor fabrics. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, your cushions will be able to withstand the harsh and changing temperatures and inclement weather while retaining their soft and comforting qualities.

The Best Outdoor Fabrics for Cushions

There are a multitude of highly durable, attractive, and inexpensive outdoor fabrics that you can choose for outdoor cushions. Here are some of the best and most commonly used options:

Cotton Canvas

A sturdy, durable, and heavy duty fabric, cotton canvas is made by blending together cotton with synthetic fibres. The result is not only an extremely tough and long-lasting material, but a waterproof one as well, making it perfect for outdoor use. Aesthetically, cotton canvas dyes well, so a multitude of patterns and colors are available to even the most discerning home decor experts. Cotton canvas can be re-dyed as well, making the cushions crafted from their material able to transform color and pattern whenever you need a change of pace!

Duck Canvas

A close cousin to Cotton Canvas, Duck Canvas is virtually the same material, only that the fabric is more tightly woven. This has the added benefit of making the fabric more durable, waterproof, and smoother to the touch. However, the painting and decoration of this material is somewhat difficult, making any plans of redecorating moot. If you want an outdoor fabric that can handle heavy-duty wear and tear while retaining its lustrous beauty and shape, a Duck Canvas cushion is the right choice for you.

Olefin Fibre

An excellent outdoor fabric for seating and cushions, Olefin fibre is tough, strong, and resistant to almost anything including heat and direct sunlight, stains, scratches and abrasions, and mold. It’s also waterproof and comes in a wide variety of colors that don’t fade in the sunlight or run when the fabric gets wet.

The durability of Olefin fibre is owed in large part to its synthetic nature. Also known as polypropylene, Olefin fibre can also be used for carpets, rugs, and drapery as well as for outdoor cushions.

Luckily, the team at C&M Textiles has all these fabrics in stock as well as many, many more! With over 70 years of experience In the business, C&M is uniquely placed to offer its clients the best in quality and variety of outdoor fabrics in the city. Contact us today for a free consultation!