The Floral Pattern Wall Covering: The Latest Trend in Home Decor by CM Textiles

The Floral Pattern Wall Covering: The Latest Trend in Home Decor

In the world of interior design, floral patterns have an often dubious reputation. Conjuring up images reminiscent of the waiting room in a retirement home, recent trends in home decor have bucked the stodgy traditionalism of the floral pattern.  Revamped and redesigned, floral pattern wall coverings are now chicly in vogue- a stylish addition to the contemporary home.

The addition of a floral pattern wall covering to your home works especially well in the spring and summer.  With this beautiful design element, the emerging vibrancy of the seasons and their foliage are matched by your home decor, adding an air of brightly hopeful joy and expectancy to a home plagued by the gloom of the winter season.

Psychedelic to Avant-Garde & Everything In Between

Floral patterned wallpaper used to be the norm in kitchens and bathrooms at grandma’s house, but thanks to the latest trends in home decor, any room in your home can benefit from new floral pattern styles ranging from psychedelic to avant-garde. Pinterest is chock-full of psychedelic designs that would look great in a home office, study, or library.  As well, it sports avante-garde floral patterns that not only engender feelings of calm serenity but can provoke thoughtful discussion in the living room or bedroom.

If a particular style catches your fancy, visit C&M Textiles to see if it, or something comparable, is in stock. C&M carries over 550 different styles and patterns of wallpaper from well-known brands such as Crown, Metro Wallcoverings, and Manon Leblanc. Our representatives would be more than happy to help you find the floral pattern wallcovering of your heart’s desire!

The Tropical Pattern: Home Decor’s Latest Trend

It used to be that tropical floral pattern wallpaper would be accompanied by lava lamps, waterbeds, and beaded doors, but the design has come a long way from the disco era. In contemporary home decor, this latest fashion trend not only provides the illusion of a lush natural interior, but can also open up living spaces with its use of bright and vibrant colors. Additionally, tropical wall coverings can be paired with hanging or standing potted plants such as crotons, spider plants, and ferns to create a warm and earthy atmosphere. This can help you weather the colder weeks of the early spring in anticipation of a hot and enjoyable summer!

Let C&M Textiles help you choose the floral pattern wallpaper that best matches your home decor! Contact or visit us today for a free consultation, and begin the process of beautifying your home!