Save on Electricity with Custom Window Treatments

With summers getting hotter and longer, heat-weary Montrealers can be seen frequently reaching for their air conditioner’s remote control, blasting the cool air consistently between mid-May and late September. Of course, that cool air can almost instantly turn hot again once the electricity bill comes in, as keeping the house cool in the summer is almost as expensive as keeping it warm in the winter.

An effective way to keep electricity costs down in the summer is to install effective and custom window treatments. The simple installation of blackout curtains or a variation of shades or blinds can provide insulation from warm air and sunlight, drastically reducing your heating costs and providing a greener alternative to around-the-clock- air conditioning.

The Blackout Option

For those who wish to reap the economic benefits of installing custom window treatments in their home but don’t want to lose the aesthetic appeal of curtains, blackouts are an excellent option. Made from heavier fabrics such as cotton or linen, blackout curtains are triple-lined, sometimes sporting an inner lining of opaque polyester for extra light-blocking features. Blackout curtains are heavily effective (85%) at blocking the sun rays and provide excellent insulation from warm air trying to seep its way into your home. Additionally, blackout curtains can be paired with sheers, so you can control the amount of light saturation the rooms in your home receive, alternating from quasi-solarium to darkened mausoleum with the tug of your hand! Finally, blackout curtains come in all colors, patterns, and designs, ensuring your custom window treatments will match your home decor expertly. To that end, C&M Textiles has a wide selection of literally thousands of fabrics to choose from for your custom curtains, ensuring every aesthetic vision will be more than fulfilled!

Blinds & Shades: The Best in Custom Window Treatments

When it comes to blocking out the sun and saving money on your electricity bill, some of the most effective custom window treatments are blinds and shades. Roman shades, made from a variety of light and/or heavy fabrics that are controlled by a string or chain, are usually quite opaque and are excellent at blocking light from entering your home. Similarly constructed, cellular shades would also be a good choice, with one of the main differences being the pleated lines in the fabric that occur when the blinds are rolled up or down. Another stellar choice for blinds are “verticals,” as the slits between the panels allow you to control how much light can enter your home. Although heat can sometimes infiltrate your home through the slats, purchasing an insulated variety would take care of that problem quite quickly. Lastly, motorized blinds are also a convenient and economical choice, as through remote pre-programming you can have the blinds open and close at peak hours when you are not home, extending your electricity bill savings through the entire day!

A leader in custom window treatments including motorized blinds, C&M Textiles would be happy to help you choose the perfect curtains, blinds, or shades for your home. Contact or visit us today for a free consultation!