The Festive Joy of Christmas Decorating by CM Textiles

The Festive Joy of Christmas Decorating

Summer is slowly fading away and with the explosion of Halloween displays in stores and pumpkin spice lattes in cafés, autumn will soon be upon us. But for many, decorating their homes with fake skeletons and witch displays for Halloween is only a warm up for the BIG project: Christmas decorating!

Aside from the requisite tree, lights and optional tinsel, Christmas decorating can also include slight additions and alterations to your home décor to make it more seasonally festive! This will make your home more snug, cozy, and welcoming, putting you, your family, and any visiting guests in the holiday spirit!

Perfect Christmas Decorating with Throw Pillows

Part of the charm of the Christmas season revolves around spending warm, cozy nights in front of the fireplace or television with your loved ones. To do so will require a heavy blanket, a steaming hot beverage, some snacks, and of course, several warm, comfortable, and festively decorated throw cushions from C&M Textiles.

For warmth and softness of texture, nothing beats wool, velvet, or cotton fabrics for your throw cushions. Aside from keeping you warm and comfortable through the long winter nights, they look resplendent in the light and can add an air of festive joy to your home. Contrasting colors always work well, especially if you can coordinate between whites, red, greens, golds, and silvers.

A Festive Dining Room Decor

Perhaps the best part of the Christmas season is getting together with friends and family to celebrate. Usually, that entails the preparation of your home to receive guests, as well as the traditional feast of monumental proportions.

Aside from pruning the tree and removing the extra tables and chairs from the garage, preparing your home for guests can also mean embellishing your Christmas decorating for added effect. This doesn’t have to be garish or pervasive (a la Chevy Chase) as even the slightest changes can prove effective.

For example, swapping out your regular dining room curtains for something in Christmas colors (i.e. red, green, gold, or silver) can provide a nice contrast to white walls and contribute to the festive ambiance of your gathering. Depending on your personal tastes for light saturation, heavier fabrics like velvet, velour or even blackout curtains can keep any light from seeping through. If you prefer a well-lit space, lighter fabrics like polyester, linen, or voile can let copious amounts of sunlight in to light up your afternoon meals!

For advice and materials on all your Christmas decorating needs, visit or contact C&M Textiles today. With over 70 years of experience in home decor, C&M is uniquely placed to provide fabrics and accent materials that will transform your home into a Yuletide wonderland!