Living Room or Family Room: Choosing the Decor that’s Right for You by CM Textiles

Living Room or Family Room: Choosing the Decor that’s Right for You

Having a space in your home where the whole family can relax, socialize, and be entertained is absolutely crucial for a healthy and happy family life. Similarly, having an open and comfortable space where you can receive guests for a pleasant evening of wine and conversation is also crucial.

In many homes, the functions of both these spaces overlap. However, when sitting down to design the initial decor of this space, a choice must be made: decorate it as a family room, or as a living room? At first glance, the only difference between a family room and a living room may be semantics, but there are distinct functions and features of each that need to be considered.

The Family Room

Family rooms are designed for flexibility, comfort, and entertainment, and need to accommodate children of all ages in their design. To that end, spaces are kept wide and open, to allow small children room for play. Comfort and coziness are also key, so seating furniture is usually large and well-padded, often doubling for extra bedding when or if needed.

Also known as media rooms, it’s not uncommon for family rooms to center around televisions hooked up to video game consoles. Since comfortable seating is a must for viewing and playing, couches with moveable pieces figure prominently. Considering the fact that family rooms will house children of all ages as well as family pets, it’s a good idea to have couches and seating furniture upholstered with heavy and stain-resistant fabrics like linen or vinyl. This way, any errant spills or “accidents” can be cleaned quickly before they set and ruin the fabric.

The Living Room

Living room decor is usually more formal and has less of a “lived in” feel than that of a family room. This stands to reason, as the space is either used more sparingly or for more structured functions. As such, furniture and decor tends to be more intricate, ornate and magnificent, as it will not be used frequently and is often arranged to impress guests. It’s not uncommon for living rooms to sport their fair share of accent furniture, such as an exquisitely carved, one-of-a-kind coffee or end table, or even stools, footrests and chairs.

Since the wear-and-tear from overuse is usually not an issue, living room upholstery fabrics can be lighter and more delicate. Velvet, cotton, and chenille are popular choices for living room upholstery, as the fabric is vibrant, chic, and reflects light resplendently. And speaking of light, living rooms often make use of sheer curtains, to allow light to flood the room during the day. At night, lighter fabrics in either patterned or solid colors can protect your privacy while providing a beautiful backdrop for you and potential guests to admire.

Whether it’s a family room or a living room you’re planning to decorate, let C&M Textiles be your guide. With over 70 years of experience in the field of home decor in everything from upholstery to window dressings, C&M has the unique qualifications needed to turn any living space into a practical work of art. Contact us today to book a consultation!