The Latest Word in Interior Design, Fabrics, and Home Decor by CM Textiles

The Latest Word in Interior Design, Fabrics, and Home Decor

Long before the immediacy of the internet and prevalence of social media networks, the latest trends in interior design, fabrics, and home decor were transmitted through old-fashioned means: word of mouth, in-person viewing, or reading the latest industry-centered magazine.

Though flipping through the pages of a magazine to keep abreast of new techniques and developments in home decor may seem a tad anachronistic, today’s leading publications remain the place to peruse and evaluate the styles of the latest designers.

The professionals at C&M Textiles routinely make time to review the top magazines in the industry, ranked as follows:

Elle Décor

A staple of the fashion industry and a trendsetter for decades, Elle magazine has redefined clothing and haute-couture since its inception in 1945. Its sister magazine, Elle Décor, parlays that unique sense of chic and cutting-edge style to the world of home decor. From a cozy yet stylish living room set up to a sleek and contemporary office design, Elle Dècor showcases it all, complete with the newest gadgets and accessories for the modern home.

House & Home Magazine

An industry staple, House & Home Magazine has been helping Canadians design their homes with the latest trends in interior design, fabrics, and home decor for decades. Aside from presenting design and decor ideas that run the gamut from rustic and homey to elegant and contemporary, House and Home Magazine goes the extra mile for its readers by providing them with an estimate for the materials in their designs!

Architectural Digest

Launched in 1920 as a window into the world of interior design and architecture, Architectural Digest has since evolved into an affluent and contemporary look into the latest trends in home decor, culture, and travel. With publications issued worldwide in countries like Italy, France, Spain, and Latin America, Architectural Digest also spotlights the newest and hottest international designers to make their mark on the industry. Highly influential, Architectural Digest is one of the publications you’d want to routinely pick up to keep your pulse on the latest developments in interior design, fabrics, and home decor.

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