The Art & Science of Home Decor by CM Textiles

The Art & Science of Home Decor

In many ways, home decor is a delicate mixture of artistic creativity and practical science. On the one hand, you get to express your personal aesthetic with an inspired synthesis of colors, fabrics, and materials. On the other, you are taking precise measurements and checking fabrics and materials for durability, functionality and cost.

Navigating the fine line between the aesthetic and the practical can be intimidating, especially for a novice. If you find yourself needing some help starting your project, or perhaps some advice on putting the finishing touches on one, contact the experts at C&M Textiles. With over seventy years of experience in home decor, C&M is uniquely placed to help you with all your interior designing needs.

The Basic Styles of Interior Design & Home Decor

Choices in interior design are almost infinite. However, there are some tried, tested and true styles that can be explored and tweaked for a beautiful effect, with a little help from those in-the-know!

The Georgian Style

For those living in lofts, condos, or homes with high ceilings, adopting a Georgian Style of interior design may be something to consider. With an emphasis on classic columns, ornate quasi-frontispieces, and unencumbered natural light saturation, this classic and traditional style of interior design can be easily adapted to create a more contemporary atmosphere.

Recreating the verticality and ornateness associated with columns and sculpture is simply a matter of finding the right drapery and wallpaper. Curtains that contrast the walls create the illusion of a column, and patterned wallpaper, especially those in an ascending pattern, can mimic the detail of sculpture.

Adding sheers to your curtains also gives you the added benefit of being able to maximize natural light saturation while safeguarding your privacy!

The Colonial Style

Characteristics of Colonial interior design include grand entrance halls, polished wood floors and accents, and understated paint and wallpaper palettes for the ceilings and walls. These features lend themselves to a rustic, cottage-style home decor that can be easily embellished with the right drapery and upholstery.

For a cozy-in-the-country look, try a lightly colored floral pattern on a thin fabric like voile, polyester or chiffon. Aside from complementing the wooden floors, the fabric will allow for the perfect balance of light saturation.

For couches, chairs, and loveseats, a muted color fabric such as an off-white or beige, will match the overall aesthetic. Of course, if your furniture sees a lot of use, you may want to consider a heavier fabric such as linen, damask or chenille.

As you can see, knowing how to update the classics in interior design to create a fusion in home decor is a matter of both knowledge and experience. Contact C&M Textiles for an expert consultation in both the art and science of interior design and beautify your home decor today!