New Upholstery and Window Treatments for the Master Bedroom by CM Textiles

New Upholstery and Window Treatments for the Master Bedroom

Attending your home décor is important in every room, but perhaps no more so than in the bedroom, where a feeling of calm comfort is absolutely necessary. After all, your bedroom is the primary place you retreat to for sleep and rest, and it needs to be absolutely snug and pleasant in terms of fabric textures and light saturation for you to do so.

To ensure your bedding and the upholstery on any chairs are the softest available, and that the window dressings are not just aesthetically pleasing but allow for your preferred levels of light saturation, visit C&M Textiles. With over 70 years of experience in the field of home decor, C&M has the expertise to transform your bedroom into a zen den of relaxation.

Curtains – The Classic Window Treatment

Deciding how much light enters your bedroom is a matter of personal preference that directly ties into your sleep patterns. For some, having the light stream into their bedroom in the morning is a necessary must to start off the day on the right foot. For others, no ray of light must pass the boundaries of the window frame until the snooze button has been hit several times.

For the light-lovers, a nice set of sheers with accompanying curtains can allow the sun to flood their bedrooms in the morning while protecting their privacy. For the denizens of darkness, a set of blackout curtains will safeguard their slumber from the encroaching sunlight.

C&M carries hundreds of styles of curtains in differing colors, patterns, and weights, so choosing your bedroom curtain aesthetic and function is simplicity itself!

Motorized Blinds: The Convenient Window Dressing

For some, light saturation in the bedroom needs to run the gamut from blazing spotlight to prehistoric cave, and all at the whims and mood of the occupant.

In that case, blinds might be the best option. Blinds allow the individual in question to control the exact amount of light that enters their bedroom and with motorized blinds, it can be done from the comfort of their own beds! So if you like to watch the stars at night as you fall asleep but want to stop the morning sunlight from ruining it, no worries at all- with the push of a button you can close your blinds and continue your visit with Mr. Sandman without ever leaving your bed!

New Upholstery Fabrics for Maximum Comfort

Having a comfortable seat in a sizable bedroom is not uncommon, as it allows a person to read, listen to music, or simply stare out the window before they decide to go to sleep. Additionally, having a chair in the bedroom provides a nice accent piece that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room and complements the decor.

In terms of comfort and aesthetic appeal, it doesn’t get better than a svelte velvet fabric for your upholstery. Soft, supple, and radiant when it catches the light, velvet feels amazing against the skin and looks fantastic when masterfully incorporated into your bedroom decor.

C&M Textiles has an excellent inventory of velvet and other suitably resplendent fabrics that will add comfort and beauty to your bedroom decor.

Contact C&M Textiles to beautify your bedroom upholstery and window dressings today!