Creating a Pet Friendly Home with Stylist and Designer Anne Sage by CM Textiles

Creating a Pet Friendly Home with Stylist and Designer Anne Sage

Whether of the feline or canine persuasion, there’s no denying that our beloved four-legged fur babies add a quality of warmth, comfort, and calm to our lives that is often sorely needed.

Still, life with pets can be somewhat difficult, especially for those with an eye for neatness and beauty in their home. The most pressing complaint for the aesthetically minded but pet-inclined is that hair tends to get everywhere, especially on living room seating like couches, chairs and loveseats.

This fact was not lost on world-renowned stylist, home décor designer, and Instagram sensation Anne Sage, who designed her home with fabrics that could withstand and complement life with a finely furred family.

The Problem with Pet Hair

Although we all love our pets, it’s safe to say that nobody loves pet hair; it sticks to clothing, can trigger allergies, and distracts from the beauty and allure of your expensive and painstakingly-chosen furniture. Further, your pets’ dander and natural oils can cause damage and discolouration on your seatings’ fabric, rendering them both unsightly and unusable.

However, some simple foresight from your home décor designer or stylist in terms of upholstery fabrics can sidestep this issue. Covering your furniture with heavier, tightly knit fabrics like microfibre or canvas can reduce scratch marks, stains, and clinging pet hair. Additionally, seeking neutral colors like beiges, greys, and taupes can mask whatever hair still stubbornly clings to your seating furniture.

The Fabric Choices of a Famed Designer and Stylist

As the author of Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want, these techniques were not lost on Anne Sage, who employed them with the expertise one would expect from a stylist and designer well versed in fabrics for home décor. The owner of two cats and two dogs, Sage began by upholstering one of her chairs in a heavy, drop charcoal and white-coloured fabric that would mask residual hair from her beloved pets. Safe followed that up with upholstering another piece of seating furniture with a flax-hued linen fabric, protecting it from scratches and stains. The result was a practical and beautiful living room that was both pet-friendly and pet-resistant!

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