Revisiting a Classic: The New Velvet Textile by CM Textiles

Revisiting a Classic: The New Velvet Textile

Envisioning velvet fabrics may bring to mind images of long, flowing, and regal purple robes, swashbuckling pompadoured musketeers, and elegantly cushioned thrones best left to a romantically idealized past. Aside from some more opulent and traditionally-minded Eastern European interior designers, velvet textiles have no place in contemporary residential, commercial, or hospitality decor, right?

Not necessarily so!

Velvet textiles have been making a comeback in recent years, as consumers and designers alike have been rediscovering its soft, luminous, and vibrant appeal. In concert with some innovative designs, velvet has become a much-sought after fabric in interior design circles!

The Soothing Calm of a Velvet Textile

After a long and hard day at work, anybody would be looking to decompress and relax in the quickest and most efficient way possible. For some, that means pouring themselves a healthy portion of wine or whiskey and sitting in their favourite chair to read, watch television, or listen to some relaxing music.

That sense of soft and calming euphoria can be compounded exponentially with a chair or couch upholstered with a velvet textile. Lush, soft, and sensually soothing, the relaxing feel of velvet against your skin can help drain the tension from your body, mind and soul almost instantaneously, leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of your evening.

An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove

Perhaps one of the most vexing conundrums for any interior designer, whether amateur or professional, is finding a fabric that is both aesthetically appealing and practical in use. Velvet textiles fulfill both requirements perfectly. After all, you’d be hard pressed to find a fabric that displays color as vibrantly and resplendently as velvet, especially when it catches the light.

Despite its reputation as a lush fabric most befit for royalty, velvet textiles are also durable, stain and spill resistant, and door-free, making them perfect for use in a home, restaurant, or hotel. So there’s no need to worry about damage or staining- velvet fabrics can withstand much more than you think they’re capable of!

The Velvet Revolution

Velvet textiles are not only practical and aesthetically pleasing, but can appear as near works of art if designed and manipulated in the right way. Intricate, textured and contoured designs in upholstery with velvet are exceedingly beautiful, to say nothing of artistically solvent. This is especially true when furniture carries deep lines, as the silhouettes that emerge when contrasted with the vibrant colors create a mystique reminiscent of European royalty. Crushed velvet is particularly popular in furniture upholstery for this exact reason. Its winding yet smoothed layered design instantly commands both awe and respect, which both complements and contrasts its soft feel.

If you are looking to incorporate velvet into your next upholstery project, please don’t hesitate to contact or visit C&M Textiles to sample our wide variety of fabrics. With literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from and over 70 years of experience in the business of interior design, we have no doubt we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for!