Demystifying the World of Curtains, Window Treatments, and Drapery by CM Textiles

Demystifying the World of Curtains, Window Treatments, and Drapery

With a seemingly infinite amount of choices in fabrics, colors, textures, and designs, settling on one style of curtains, window treatments, or drapery can seem near impossible.

Luckily, C&M Textiles’ extensive experience in the field has narrowed down the factors that should be considered when making your decision:

1. Function

Obviously, choosing to install curtains, window treatments, or drapery in your home carries with it two main functions:

  1. to provide privacy and minimize light saturation, and
  2. to frame your windows in a way that beautifies your home.

The first consideration when choosing window dressings will be the former, not the latter.

If you are aiming to allow maximum light saturation into your home even with the curtains drawn, then a lighter and more sheer fabric would be your best bet. If you prefer to have close to zero light penetration in your home when the curtains are drawn, then a heavier fabric (and one that comes with an internal lining, like with blackout curtains) would be the best choice. When making your decision, it’s best to remember that the texture of the fabric is key and should directly match its intended function!

2. Measurement

Once you have decided on the function of your curtains, it’s time to secure the measurements. This will depend on a multitude of factors, including the height of your walls, the width of your windows, the presence of obstructions close to your baseboards (like a radiator), and your personal preference for length. Some individuals prefer their curtains to hover an inch or so above the floor (or radiator) while others like them to touch the floor for a more fancy and elegant aesthetic. Whatever your preference, it’s best to follow the old tailor’s adage: “Measure one hundred times, but cut once!”

3. Aesthetics

Deciding on the look and feel of your curtains, window treatments, and drapery is a matter of personal preference, though there are some general considerations to follow:

  • When choosing a color, it’s best to determine what effect it will have on the overall decor of your room. If you wish to have the curtains be the focus of the room, a bold color choice that contrasts the other colors in the room may be in order. If you wish to have the curtains blend into the decor, finding similar or slightly muted colors may be best.
  • Patterns for window dressings are just as varied as colors, and much like color, your choice of pattern will depend entirely on what effect you wish to have in your room. Generally, patterned curtains draw attention away from non-patterned furniture, so if you wish to have your drapery be the focal point of your room, a patterned set of curtains may be the way to go. Of course, some people prefer their curtains to match their patterned furniture, in which case, finding matching drapery will be your task.

Where to Find Your Curtains, Window Treatments, and Drapery

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