The Heat is On: Outdoor Fabrics for Furniture in Marine Vinyl by CM Textiles

The Heat is On: Outdoor Fabrics for Furniture in Marine Vinyl

With summer in full swing, your outdoor furniture will be seeing much more use. Despite the good times that come with pool parties, BBQ’s and late night lounging, the wear and tear of those activities, as well as the effect of heat, direct sunlight, rain, and wind, may have your outdoor furniture looking ragged and worn.

Rather than leave your patio chairs, deck couch, or tanning bed on the curb for the weekly garbage pick-up, why not consider having them reupholstered? At C&M Textiles, our expert team has decades of experience in reupholstery with outdoor fabrics like marine vinyl, and can have your old outdoor furniture looking like new, and at a fraction of the cost!

The Attractive Appeal of a Marine Vinyl as an Outdoor Fabric

Selecting a light or dark blue color for your outdoor furniture makes a spectacularly chic and practical fashion statement. Of course, you are free to choose any color that suits your personal aesthetic, but shades of blue work especially well if your furniture happens to be pool or pond adjacent, or decorates the outdoor seating of a boat. The hues of a blue marine vinyl outdoor fabric will match the shades of the water while contrasting the surroundings, producing a wonderful visual that will contribute to a feeling of calm relaxation. Additionally, choosing a color like blue does not readily absorb the sun’s rays as strongly as black, brown or navy, providing another layer of cool comfort in the sweltering heat of the summer.

The Benefits of Marine Vinyl as an Outdoor Fabric

Protecting your furniture from the elements and the normal wear and tear of use should be as equally important as aesthetic appeal. For this reason, vinyl is a premium choice as an outdoor upholstery fabric. At a glance, vinyl is abrasion-resistant, UV resistant, tear-resistant, flame protected, and long-lasting. As if that weren’t enough, vinyl is also waterproof, safeguarding it against rain, errant splashes from your pool, spilled drinks, and making it supremely easy to clean.

C&M Textiles carries a wide variety of colours and patterns of outdoor fabric, including marine vinyl. Whether you’re reupholstering your pool-side furniture, refitting your boat’s interior, exterior or sails, or putting in a new awning or cover for your deck, contact C&M for all your outdoor fabric needs!