Cottagecore: The Latest Wallpaper Trend by CM Textiles

Cottagecore: The Latest Wallpaper Trend

Aside from the evident trauma of living through a global pandemic, there have been some positive trends and practices emerging from COVID-19. For one, work and work meetings have been facilitated in part by online conferencing platforms like Zoom, allowing people more time for self-care. And in terms of self-care, people have learned how to slow down to stop and smell the roses. Popular pandemic pastimes like meditation, focusing on interpersonal relationships, and hobbies such as baking, reading, and home crafts, are all the rage. And for those immersed in home decor as a means of stress relief and artistic expression, the new design and wallpaper trend called cottagecore has exploded in popularity.

The Cottagecore Revolution

During the first and subsequent waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, where lockdowns and curfews were frequent, people had little to do but stay at home and engage in simple activities like reading, watching television, and trying out new recipes. This inadvertently created newfound respect and longing for the simple life, typified by an idealized rural and bucolic setting.

Here is where cottagecore was birthed, as the love for simplicity in taking care of the necessities of life with one’s own hands (i.e. gardening, baking, and making one’s own clothing) melded with an idealized rural past rooted in fairy tales and fantasy stories. This translated itself markedly into cottagecore design features, particularly wallpaper trends, which carried images of fantastical forests, melted floral designs, and psychedelic gingham patterns from the storybooks to the walls of people‚Äôs homes.

Where to Apply Cottagecore in your Home

With a unique blend of bucolic traditionalism and contemporary fantasy infused into every design, it is obvious that applying cottagecore as a wallpaper design trend works better in some rooms than others. Particularly, cottagecore works best in rooms that lend themselves to a rustic sensibility, such as kitchen or dining room. Alternatively, as cottagecore designs promote a mood of quiet contemplation, calm peace, and serenity, designing your study, solarium, or personal den in this motif can help create the zen mood you’ve been looking for.

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