Opening A New Business Location | Laval

C&M Textiles Laval Montreal

Opening a new business location takes months, if not years of meticulous planning. Even for a long-standing company like C&M Textiles, there are many things to consider. In this article, we will be looking at the main objectives, reasons, and various considerations when opening a new business location. Coming off the completion of the new…

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Winter Fabrics That Turn Up The Heat

winter fabrics

Tired of the same old, drab winter-wear. Are you? Even though it’s cold and grey out there, doesn’t mean your zest for fashion has to disappear. Walk down the winter catwalk in awesome wool, flannel and cashmere!  Keep reading for details on how to turn up the heat on your winter fabrics during the cold…

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Custom Wedding Dresses

bride and groom holding hands

Make Your Wedding Unique Every bride wants to make their wedding day special. Playing games with your guests, creating dazzling centerpieces for your guests’ tables or riding to your reception in your dream car, are all great ideas to make your wedding unique. Also, a really cool wedding game to consider is the wedding wheel.…

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Spring Fabric Collection Has Arrived

floral living room design

Spring into Colourful Fabrics Spring is a special season, watching the greys of winter fade, witnessing the birth of colour once again. At C&M Textiles, the same process is underway as we welcome our new spring fabric and all the colours that go along with them! From floral patterns to multi coloured themes, we have…

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A Celebration 70 Years In The Making

70th anniversary C&M Textiles cake

Happy 70th Birthday C&M Textiles! You heard right! We’re celebrating C&M Textiles’ 70th birthday! 3 generations have taken part in C&M Textiles’ growth while solidifying their family bonds along the way. Originally founded by 2 brothers, Charles & Maurice Auger, along with Charles’ wife Georgette, 7506 Rue Saint-Hubert in Montreal, became the first location in…

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DIY Upholstery Fabric And Tips

Reupholstered Chairs

DIY Upholstery If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not the handiest person on the planet. But come on, that’s not keeping you from wanting to try your hand at some DIY home decor! If you’re reading this, the timing couldn’t be better! C&M Textiles has put together a great article with tips on how…

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5 Tips for a Modern Spin on your Home Decor 2018

Modern Living Room Looks

It’s still a little cold out there but fret not, spring is around the corner – and with spring comes spring cleaning! Cleaning up after a long winter is always an arduous task but it’s essential for decluttering and, let’s face it, keeping your sanity. If you’re like me and are unsure of where to…

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Blackout Blinds | Perfect for Movie Nights

Blackout Roller Shades

5 Tips for the Perfect Home Theater Room Your home theatre room is the perfect escape after a long day of work and everything in between. In this blog article, we’re going to look at 5 ways you can enhance your movie watching experience including: blackout blinds and window treatments from C&M Textiles. Lights, camera,…

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Be Our Guest!

Guest Room Decor

The holidays are finally behind us. We made it! If you’re anything like me, the post holiday season has brought you some much needed relaxation, while also giving you some time to think. Think about what? Well, for starters, it made you think of how grateful you are about having had your whole family spend…

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Home Office Decor Ideas

Home Office Decor

Home Office Decor On A Budget You’ve been blessed with the option of working from home. It’s a luxury that many wish they had. Sometimes though, working from home can be hard on your efficiency and creativity. Your home office begins to feel like a regular office and the distractions begin to pile up. It’s…

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Redecorating On A Budget

Family Room Decor

Though we all try to get out there during the winter months, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors. Who can blame us?! With record setting cold temperature and consistent snow falls, we definitely enjoy staying in. Other than the kitchen, the family room is where time is most spent. Whether you have…

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Living Room Decor Ideas 2018

Modern Living Room Couch

It’s Time To Rethink Your Living Room Decor A new year is around the corner. With a new year comes new ideas and new home decor projects! For example, revamping your living room. Our living room holds a special place in our homes. It’s a place where family gathers to relax, where good conversations are…

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Drapes Help Keep The Cold Out

Closeup Grey Drapery

Drapes | Your Secret Weapon For Winter Year after year, we all know it’s coming and yet, it still takes some getting used to. That’s right, winter is here. We are all moaning and groaning about the cold weather to come and with good reason. Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature but we can control…

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Wall Coverings Are Back

Fabric Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings Are Fabric? Yes, they can be. When you bring out the old photo albums and take a peek at the walls behind the people, they’re usually plastered with wall paper. It was a home decor must many years ago. These days, not only is wall paper more beautiful and more functional, it can…

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Home Decor Accents

Closeup Living Room Couch with Accent Pillows

Small Changes, Big Results When it comes to revamping our home decor, we often think about the big projects we can take on in order to make that giant splash. Big changes don’t always return big results. Adding home decor accents can make a world of difference to both your home and your wallet. Sometimes,…

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Fabric Colours | What They Say About You

Closeup of Yards of Colourful Fabrics

Fabric Colours – Personal Preference Or Cultural Influence? It can be said that the colours we see affect us in profound ways. Why is the colour red so often associated with passion, love or sometimes even anger? Why is the colour blue seen as calming? In the same way that weather can change our mood,…

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Fall Fabric Colours Are Here

Checked Couch Throw

Fall Fabric | Orange Is The New Orange Personally, fall is my favourite season. I know, I know…the summer heat and sun are gone. Fret not my friends. Fall has more to offer than meets the eye. You can finally wear that awesome leather jacket you bought, take a nice walk and enjoy the beautiful…

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Interior Design Ideas for 2017

Decorated Dining Room

Home Is Where The Art Is As hard at it is to imagine, 2017 is already more than half way done. Where has the time gone?! Luckily, we’re still a few months away from officially closing off the year, so why not get creative, be productive and end the year with a bigger smile and…

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Reupholster – Bring Your Memories Back To Life

Modern Living Room Couch

Everyone Has A Story Reupholster Your Furniture & Your Memories When new people visit our homes, we often give them a tour and mention the simple, heartfelt stories that certain pieces of furniture have. They may be inanimate objects, but in some ways, they tell a story better than we can. When you reupholster that…

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Summer Fabric Ideas – Beautiful & Practical

Picnic Scene with Checkered Fabric

Summer Time Creations Finally, summer is in full swing. Spending our days outdoors with the family is on the top of our list and what better way to enjoy those moments with your own outdoor fabric creations! At C&M Textiles, we offer a wide variety of outdoor fabrics that are both beautiful and durable, making…

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Custom Bedding – Style, Comfort, Relaxation.

Custom Bedding and Pillows

Made to Measure, Made to Last Custom Bedding Redefined We often hear of custom clothing or custom built homes, but rarely do we see or hear of custom bedding. Our bedding is our only constant, tried and true, sleep companion so why settle for less? At C&M Textiles, we offer the best quality fabric from…

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DIY Fabric Ideas | Get Creative With Home Decor

Custom Upholstered Headboard

Get Creative With Your Fabric! DIY Fabric Ideas for your Home We often look at fabric and see it as the material for clothing, curtains and table cloths. Those options are great but we’re going to give you some other creative, DIY fabric ideas to revamp your home decor and add some fresh, cool looks…

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Blackout Drapes For Your Home – Shop Now!

Opening Blackout Drapes

Lights Out Blackout Drapes – Great Energy Savers Summer is in full swing and although we welcome the hot weather with open arms, we also need to have balance. With our blackout drapes, not only will you reduce heat in your home, but you’ll also block out harmful UV rays as well as noises emanating…

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Summer Fabric Sale – Save Up To 60% On Blinds!

Custom Blinds, Drapes, Fabrics, More, for Family Room

Summer Fabric Sale!  expires July 31st 2017 Summer Fabric: Unique Looks, Unique Fabric Having trouble finding high-quality fabric for your summer projects? Look no further because C&M Textiles’ summer fabric sale is here! With 30% off C&M Textiles fabric, you can finally get started on your summer projects. With the kids enjoying their summer holiday,…

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Fabric & Sewing Ideas for 2017

Sewing Ideas

Create Your Own Wardrobe with our Designer Fabrics! Can you feel the summer heat? Well, you should consider feeling some designer summer fabric on your skin too! Truly, here’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from creating your own unique looks for a totally unique wardrobe. Whether you have it made or are crafting your…

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The Largest Selection of Outdoor Fabrics in Canada

Largest Outdoor Fabric Selection in Canada

The Great Outdoors Outdoor Fabrics for Summer Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re counting down the days to setting up your outdoor relaxation center! You’ve been dreaming about it all winter and as spring turns to summer, it’s the perfect time to think about remodelling and redecorating your outdoor…

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Dream Wedding Dresses & Haute Couture

Dream Custom Wedding Gowns

CUSTOM WEDDING GOWNS A fairy tale wedding is, for most women, what dreams are made of. Though wedding planning has many moving parts, the bridal gown is somewhat of a central focus. You and your maid of honor have been combing through bridal magazines and looking up the latest wedding gown trends online but even…

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Wonder Walls – A Sneak Peek at Wall Covering Options

Textured Wallpaper Colours

The art of wall coverings Have you been itching to redecorate but you just don’t know where to start? Let me lead the way. One of the most important updates we can make to a room is enhancing what surrounds it – the walls. At C&M Textiles, we have an incredible choice of wall fabrics,…

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Welcome To The Throw

Throw with Fringes

Your day is finally done. Not only have you tackled your 8 hour work day but you’ve come home, taken care of supper and made sure that the kids are tucked in. It’s now time for you to indulge in some peace and quiet, so you make yourself some popcorn and start looking through your…

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Upholstery Done Right, Make Old New Again

Reupholstered Couch

You know how everyone uses that phrase, “30 is the new 20” or “orange is the new black,” right? Well guess what? We have a phrase too: “Your old furniture is your new furniture.” While we are the leader in specialty fabrics, we are also growing rapidly in upholstery. With our wide variety of fabrics,…

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Valentine’s Day Re-Imagined

Every year, leading up to February 14th, we are full of questions and doubt. Why? We never know what to offer our significant other that would be different than the usual flowers and/or chocolate. This year, there is good news; the kind of news that will wash away your doubt and answer the whirlwind of…

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Lucky 13

13th Anniversary C&M Ottawa

Has it really been 13 years?! Wow. It feels like just yesterday we opened our doors in Ottawa. Time has definitely flown by but it would’ve been nowhere near as memorable without our amazing team and even more importantly, our incredible clients. We have not only grown the C&M Textiles brand, but have also have…

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Winter is a Great Time to Make your Home Cozy

Closeup Snowflake

Why the long face? I’ll tell you why: it’s still winter. Those weather reports keep on painting the gloomy picture of cloudy days & snowfall. You’ve just about had enough. I mean, you’re a full time parent, work full time & the time you have to spend with your family is of the utmost importance. Rain,…

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The Night After Christmas

Festive Christmas Decor

When it comes to the holidays, everyone talks about THE night. That’s right, Christmas. It’s normal right? It’s the culmination of many hours and days of preparation, not to mention the time spent running around buying the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Though most people have lost their Christmas lustre, you haven’t. You…

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It’s a Nice Day for White Bedding

Custom White Bedding

(You have that song in your head now right? You’re welcome) Let’s talk sleep. You saved up to get that ultra comfortable mattress and you love it! It hugs your every contour while alleviating your back pain and, to top it off, it has the bonus perk of being able to stabilize a wine glass…

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Drape Away The Rain

Sometimes we all need to turn the world off, right? When the weather turns grey and the long term forecast brings no better news, create your own relaxing atmosphere by shutting your beautiful custom drapes! Just like your choice of paint for your living room, bedroom, guestroom and playroom, your custom drapes can create the…

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