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DIY Fabric Ideas | Get Creative With Home Decor

Get Creative With Your Fabric!

DIY Fabric Ideas for your Home

We often look at fabric and see it as the material for clothing, curtains and table cloths. Those options are great but we’re going to give you some other creative, DIY fabric ideas to revamp your home decor and add some fresh, cool looks to any room in your home. Keep reading below and see how C&M Textiles has all the fabric choices you need to complete the perfect DIY fabric project!

Fabric Ideas for Headboard Upholstery

Your bed’s headboard is a home decor accent that is just waiting for an update. With our vast amount of fabric choices, themes, patterns and colours, your imagination is the limit! The best part about this project is that it’s easy, fun and you can get the whole family involved. Make your own custom designed headboard in just a few simple steps. If DIY is not your bag and you’d like to get your headboard upholstered professionally, we offer a free consultation!

Fabric Ideas for Chairs

Simplicity is an art in itself. Upholstering your kitchen chairs or any chair in your home is a great way to add freshness and style to your home decor without breaking the bank. Our talented and professionally trained team of designers and upholsterers are ready to take on any project. You have nothing to lose with our free consultation!

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

How cool is this?! After we’ve completed a fabric project, often times we have some fabric left over. Why let it go to waste? Ideas like this not only make use of our left over fabric, but also brighten up our home decor in ways we couldn’t imagine. A simple fabric covered bulletin board is both beautiful and practical!

For more fabric ideas, check out our “Ideas for 2017” blog post and bring your home decor to a whole new level! Shop our fabrics now!