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Lights Out

Blackout Drapes – Great Energy Savers

Summer is in full swing and although we welcome the hot weather with open arms, we also need to have balance. With our blackout drapes, not only will you reduce heat in your home, but you’ll also block out harmful UV rays as well as noises emanating from the outdoors.  When those heat waves hit and our air conditioning is pushed to its maximum, blackout drapes help you save energy by keeping your home cooler, therefore making your air conditioning unit work less.

Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is becoming harder and harder to obtain. Making sure that you get solid rest is becoming priority and our blackout drapes are the perfect solution. Not only will you block out the sun’s early rays but you will also black out any light coming from street lamps during the night. A good night’s rest is even more important with children. The proper night’s sleep reduces the risk of injury, increases their attention span and can also boost learning in babies.

Blackout Drapes for any Room in Your Home

Whether you want a better night’s sleep or are looking to provide quality sleep for your children and the rest of your family, we have the perfect blackout drapes for any room in your home. Our colours, patterns and styles are extensive and our talented staff can help you decide which model and which colour scheme will work best in your space. We also offer blackout curtains which are made with tightly woven, dense or layered fabric such as felt, velvet or suede. A blackout liner can be added to a regular curtain by our C&M Textiles staff in order to achieve the same effect. Get your free consultation now!

Drapes, Curtains, Blinds Oh My!

If blackout shades aren’t the perfect fit for you, make sure to check out our wide array of window treatments in extensive colours, patterns and materials. Need some general ideas for your home decor? Check out this blog post for home decor ideas for 2017 and let your imagination come alive!