Reupholstered Chairs

DIY Upholstery Fabric And Tips

DIY Upholstery

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not the handiest person on the planet. But come on, that’s not keeping you from wanting to try your hand at some DIY home decor! If you’re reading this, the timing couldn’t be better! C&M Textiles has put together a great article with tips on how to reupholster your dated, yet favorite pieces of home decor. Not only have we created this easy to follow guide, we also have all the DIY upholstery fabric you can dream of! Get those old records off the shelf and let your favourite songs play while you drift off into your upholstery project.

What Can I Feasibly Upholster?

Straight lines are your best bet. When dealing with curved lines, the process can be challenging if your not experiences with making a pleat. Our suggestion is to start with a square, dining room chair seat, or a rectangular bench top. This will be a great introduction to DIY upholstery and give you the confidence you need to accomplish more complicated projects later.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Fabric: C&M Textiles has you fully covered on this one! We have a vast array of patterns, colors and themes across all our DIY upholstery fabrics. Browse through them and pick your favorite! If you need help choosing, contact us and we’ll guide you through the process with pleasure.
  • Batting: This is an inexpensive sheet of cotton that creates the cushyness under the fabric. You can find some here.
  • Staple Gun: Having a hand-held staple gun will do the job, but investing in a pneumatic one will definitely save you some time. Don’t forget that you’ll need an air compressor for your pneumatic staple gun, so though it will save you time, it will be fairly pricier.
  • Hammer: Any hammer will do. This will be used to tap in nail-heads or grommets. Tip: Take some of your cotton batting and wrap it around the head of your hammer, securing it with a rubber band. No scratched accents!
  • Upholstery Tack Strip: This is a long, skinny strip of double-stick cardboard. Tack strip is used to create a clean seam on straight-edged upholstery. Here’s a how-to video to demonstrate how tack strip is used.

First Time’s a Charm

As it is with most things in life, you won’t learn until you get hands on. Completing your DIY upholstery project will be great fun. It will also leave you with a beautiful piece of home decor for your whole family to cherish. If you have any questions or need some guidance, C&M Textiles is always here to help!  Get started by checking out this video on how to upholster a dinning room chair from A-Z. Happy upholstering!