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Summer Fabric Sale – Save Up To 60% On Blinds!

Summer Fabric Sale! 

expires July 31st 2017

Summer Fabric: Unique Looks, Unique Fabric

Having trouble finding high-quality fabric for your summer projects? Look no further because C&M Textiles’ summer fabric sale is here! With 30% off C&M Textiles fabric, you can finally get started on your summer projects. With the kids enjoying their summer holiday, it’s also the perfect time to get them involved. Learning how to sew will not only give your kids a great life skill, it will also get their creativity and imagination flowing. Creating custom clothing with them will give you beautiful summer memories along with beautiful, unique summer clothing! With our summer sale comes other great fabric ideas for the summer season. How about some home decor ideas? Read on for more.

Drapery – A Home Decor Must for Summer

Drapes are the perfect home decor accents. With an extensive array of themes, colours, patterns and textures, we are certain that you will find the perfect, ready-made drapery at C&M Textiles. With our custom drapes builder, you can see your selection in real time on a model window. Drapes can be as functional as they are beautiful, especially when you add features like “blackout lining,” which can really block out those powerful rays when needed. From lavish, deep colours to crisp floral patterns, our ready-made drapery is the perfect choice for any window treatment in your home. Though our drapes make the ideal window covering, we are all about options. As always, there’s more.

Custom Blinds for Any Room in Your Home

For a distinct style statement as well as great functionality, browse through our incredible custom blinds! From soft, neutral tones to deep, lavish colours, our blinds add a touch of elegance and warmth to any space in your home. Our sheer horizontal blinds are perfect for durability and efficient shading while also maximizing your outdoor view. Do you have any questions or need a hand for your installation? From our professional installers to our experienced and expertly trained staff, we are always there to guide you, insuring that your needs are met, while providing a stress-free customer service experience. You beautiful blinds are now installed and looking gorgeous; what’s next? We have a few more ideas.

Summer Fabric | Project Ideas

Our high-quality summer fabric can be used for more than creating your custom clothing or help design your custom drapes. We have some vibrant colours, themes and patterns for use on wall coverings and upholstery, as well as silks, laces and chiffon for your custom evening gown or wedding dress. At C&M Textiles, there’s no limit to what you can create!