Drape Away The Rain

Sometimes we all need to turn the world off, right?

When the weather turns grey and the long term forecast brings no better news, create your own relaxing atmosphere by shutting your beautiful custom drapes! Just like your choice of paint for your living room, bedroom, guestroom and playroom, your custom drapes can create the perfect setting for relaxation and positive energy. Even the small double windows in your kitchen get the custom treatment with some vibrant colours, reminiscent of your grandma’s apron, putting you in the right mood to get some home cooking done for the family.

Now your kids come home and the battle begins! You’re way ahead of the game though because you’ve already prepared their after school snack. You’re awesome. Once they’re fed, they definitely want to get some play time in. After all, they we’re kept inside all day because of the rainy weather conditions so they aren’t in the greatest of moods. You definitely don’t want to remind them of the gloomy weather so you shut the playroom drapes and the bright colours bring sunshine into the room, while they escape into their own world.

Once the day is done, your bedroom awaits.

Your bedroom is the place where you want to feel the most relaxed, calm and cozy. You’ve slipped into your most comfortable pj’s and your bed summons your arrival, but you have one last task to accomplish before getting that rejuvenating shut eye – shutting your custom drapes of course! With that done, it’s now time for you to enter your dream world while your drapes keep you hidden from the gloomy, overnight weather.

With our intuitive custom drapes builder you can see, in real time, the patterns and colours you choose on a model window frame. We also have a colour filter which helps you choose your patterns quickly and efficiently. So, for example, are you thinking of pink themed drapes to go with your bedding? Just click the pink colour swatch and voila, all our pink themed drapes are listed for you. The kids want blue, yellow, green or purple? You guessed it…we have you covered. Just a reminder: these are custom fitted drapes. No overhang, no bunching up on the sides. They are made just for you and your home. For any of your custom draping needs, you can trust that C&M Textiles is the right choice for you.