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5 Tips for the Perfect Home Theater Room

Your home theatre room is the perfect escape after a long day of work and everything in between. In this blog article, we’re going to look at 5 ways you can enhance your movie watching experience including: blackout blinds and window treatments from C&M Textiles.

Lights, camera, action!

Blackout Blinds – The Perfect View

Trying to watch a movie with constant glare on your TV screen is just plain annoying. Our blackout blinds have fabric that has been woven extra tight, which greatly reduces, and often times, completely blocks out incoming light. This solution is not only effective but also affordable. To learn more about our window treatments as well as get a free consultation, fill out our form now!

Did You Hear That?

When it comes to getting the best audio experience, it’s important to consider the size of your room. An average home doesn’t have much dedicated space for a theatre room so in this case, using a sound-bar instead of a full-fledged audio system is a great way to go. Sound-bars are efficient, affordable and you can fit them in the smallest of places. They contain many speaker sizes in one enclosure, which produces the full sound spectrum. Some sleeker models can fit right below your TV screen. Some can even serve as a base, having your TV sit right on top of it. You won’t only hear the sound but you’ll feel it, too!

Walls of Sound

At C&M Textiles, we’re all about that bass. Bare walls can cause an unnatural echo in your space and hanging decor on your walls can cause rattle due to low bass sounds coming from your speakers. A great solution for this is installing acoustic panels on your walls. The panels will absorb some sound while also trapping those really low bass tones. Lucky for you, C&M Textiles carries extensive choices for the perfect acoustic panel installation!

Take Your Distance

Placement for your home theatre is important, but it’s even more important where you place yourself. We want you front and centre where all the action takes place! Scientists and engineers have done the math and it’s fairly simple. Take your display’s diagonal screen size and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5. That is how far your couch or chairs need to be placed in order to enjoy the perfect viewing experience.

Watching 3D? Sit Up Straight!

I know, you’ve heard it a million times from your mom, and maybe even your chiropractor. If you’re going to experience a 3D movie at home, make sure you are sitting in a chair with a straight back. Tilting your head to one side or the other can take the amazement away from the 3D effect. This means that sprawling out on your couch to watch a 3D movie is not the greatest idea. The best way to experience 3D movies is by facing your couch or chair forward, and no slouching! You don’t want another bill from that chiropractor.

Need help designing your ideal home theatre room? Feel free to contact us at any time! Our team of experts is always ready to give you all the help you need.