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Winter Fabrics That Turn Up The Heat

Tired of the same old, drab winter-wear. Are you? Even though it’s cold and grey out there, doesn’t mean your zest for fashion has to disappear. Walk down the winter catwalk in awesome wool, flannel and cashmere!  Keep reading for details on how to turn up the heat on your winter fabrics during the cold months.

Fabrics and Colors

There’s a wide range of fabrics and colors to choose from when it comes to your winter wardrobe. These heavier fabrics share a high insulation value, which is what you’re looking for. More often than not, we wear multiple layers during the winter months so make sure your fabric choice is warm, but comfortable too. We suggest checking out the details and uses of the fabrics below in order to make the choice that’s right for you.


Wool is definitely one of your best choices. It’s a natural fabric, which means it’s biodegradable! It naturally decomposes back into the earth, releasing beneficial nutrients in the process. It’s also super soft, comfortable and always fits right due to its stretchy attributes. Wool is also easy to take care of. Most wool garments are machine washable. Did you know that wool is odor resistant and has a natural outer layer that’s repels stains? Pretty amazing right? And, let’s face it, wool is stylish and versatile too! It comes in various textures, weaves and weights. Out of all the winter fabric choices, this is definitely the do-it-all of winter fabrics.


Originally a woven wool-based fabric, flannel blends today are made from a range of fibers including cotton, nylon and polyester. The fabric is finished using a process called “napping,” which raises the ends of the flannel fibers. The napped surface means the fibers move when brushed or rubbed, therefore giving the flannel a soft feel.  Cotton flannel can be single or double-napped while wool flannel is usually just single-napped. In addition to its warming properties, this weave is also fairly elastic, drapes well and does not fray – so it has the added advantage of looking beautiful and lasting a long time. To benefit from long-lasting flannel fabric, refer to the care instructions on your flannel product.


Cashmere is the most luxurious of natural fibers. It is made from the wool of the Kashmir goat (with the softest wool coming from under the goat’s throat), and can take between 3 and 6 fleeces to make one regular sized sweater. Cashmere is very popular due to its classic styling and durability. It’s lightweight and comfortable, which makes it a great choice for any age and style. Cashmere is a popular choice for lounge-wear. It’s super snug and soft on your skin. One of the major benefits of cashmere is it’s adaptability to temperature, due to the high moisture content of the wool. In the winter it will keep you warm and insulated, yet it will ensure you stay cool in the summer months. Properly cared for, an item of cashmere clothing will last a lifetime.

Winter Fabrics at C&M Textiles

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