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Opening A New Business Location | Laval

Opening a new business location takes months, if not years of meticulous planning. Even for a long-standing company like C&M Textiles, there are many things to consider. In this article, we will be looking at the main objectives, reasons, and various considerations when opening a new business location. Coming off the completion of the new C&M Textiles Laval, we had the pleasure to interview Jonathon Auger, owner, and day-to-day business guru.

Consideration #1: Have Clear Goals In Place

It’s important to have clear objectives when making any major decision in life. When it comes to opening up a new business location, you should consider the following:

  • Are you expanding to satisfy existing demand or to break through into a new market?
  • Is having access to talent one of your top reasons for expanding? If so, are adequate hiring and training resources in place to make that happen?
  • If your expanding to enhance your brand and/or for prestige, will these benefits outweigh your effort and investment?
  • Have you considered neighboring businesses and the added value they can bring to your business and vice versa?

As for C&M Textiles’ new neighbors, Jonathon says, “One of the main reason we decided to open a new location in that particular spot in Laval was having MUST & Cera Gres right next to us. This provides a one-stop shop for our clientele.”

Consideration #2: Duplicating Your Success

One of the most common mistakes by entrepreneurs when opening up a new location is not being able to replicate the important processes that made the company successful in the first place. Documenting your business processes makes them much easier to duplicate. It also makes it very accessible and transparent to the new employees at your new location.

When we asked Jonathan about replicating his processes at the new location, he replied, “Having taken the time to properly document our core processes, we were able to duplicate our company guidelines and values at our new location with ease.”

Consideration #3: Don’t Lose Focus

When you’re opening a new business location, the echo of your first location’s trials and tribulations are often heard. This can be a welcome yet difficult challenge. During this time, it is crucial to not lose sight of the goals you’ve set and the overall health of your business. Without the right people in place, entrepreneurs risk spreading themselves too thin. Always be careful and most importantly, honest with yourself. Danger can sneak up on you, posing a major threat right at the early stages of your expansion.

Jonathan echoed these sentiments when he said, “Due to the proper organization from our hard-working staff and contractors, we were able to open our new Laval location within a month.”

Consideration #4: Building Your Brand

Be mindful of how you’ve built your brand so far and don’t deviate – evolve. Your brand’s core values have taken you this far. There is no reason to make a 90 degree turn now. Trust your foundation and welcome the natural forward movement it brings.

Jonathan says, “Our focus has remained the same: provide our clientele with expert service and quality products at affordable pricing. This Laval location is geared to offer to interior designers and design enthusiasts everything from window treatments, motorization, wallpaper, bedding, upholstery fabrics and now, even carpets.”

C&M Textiles | New Laval Location

As our interview came to its final moments, Jonathon wanted to wrap up with saying, “make sure to check out C&M Textiles’ new Laval location at 1977 Aut. Laurentides! A special thanks to our team and the loyal C&M patrons that have supported us for the last 70 years in the greater Montreal area.” For more information on everything C&M Textiles has to offer, contact us today!