Closeup of Yards of Colourful Fabrics

Fabric Colours | What They Say About You

Fabric Colours – Personal Preference Or Cultural Influence?

It can be said that the colours we see affect us in profound ways. Why is the colour red so often associated with passion, love or sometimes even anger? Why is the colour blue seen as calming? In the same way that weather can change our mood, colours can have a similar effect. At C&M Textiles, we offer the widest range of fabric colours to suit any room in your home, for any function and for all desired moods. Browse through our vast array of fabrics and see for yourself. Keep reading below for fabric colour suggestions for all your interior design needs!

And Colours For All

The importance of having positive energy in your home is paramount. Depending on the room and its function, colours will greatly influence the vibe you want to achieve in that particular space. For example, decorating your bedroom with a blue and white theme will give it a beautiful, summer-esque feel while also promoting calmness and relaxation. Choosing white window treatments allows for more natural light, which allows the room to feel less stuffy. This is just an example. Ultimately, your choice of colours within your home decor is personal and must meet your taste and function. At C&M textiles, we stock fabrics in every colour of the rainbow so feel free to let your creativity run wild!

Fabric Colours – More Than Meets The Eye

Whether your decorating your new born baby’s room or updating your bedroom or kitchen decor, we strongly suggest taking the time to choose colours, themes and patterns that bring you positive energy. Just like music, the colours we choose to live with in our home can completely alter our moods in a positive way after having a rough day. Need help with your home decor and fabric colours? Contact us today. We are ready to help!