Closeup Living Room Couch with Accent Pillows

Home Decor Accents

Small Changes, Big Results

When it comes to revamping our home decor, we often think about the big projects we can take on in order to make that giant splash. Big changes don’t always return big results. Adding home decor accents can make a world of difference to both your home and your wallet. Sometimes, there’s no need to spend big bucks in order to get amazing results. At C&M Textiles, our staff is always there to help guide you and suggest what bests suits your needs and budget. Check out our home decor accessories now and read on to get some ideas for your own interior design project!

Bedding, Cushions and Throws – Oh My!

Whether we’re ready for a good night’s sleep, reading a book or simply relaxing while watching our favorite show, we spend a lot of time in our bedroom. For a simple, effective update, think about changing your bedding! It’s a quick and affordable way of sprucing up your bedroom ambiance without having to break the bank. Browse through our amazing bedding options, including bedding made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

We all need to take that power nap. When the time comes, rest your head on our artistic and comfortable Marciano designer cushions. These make for great home decor accents while providing a unique style and vibe to your space. Use them in your living room or bedroom for that perfect splash of colour!

Nothing says cozy like a soft, comfortable throw. Whether your enjoying some alone time or spending some time with the family, a throw just brings it all together. Take a look at our vast throw options and bring your relaxation and comfort to a whole new level!

Home Decor Accents | Simple & Effective

If you’re on a budget and want to make some beautiful changes in your interior design, changing your bedding, adding some colourful cushions or adding a throw to your space can be the perfect choice. If you need help or want to discuss your home decor project, feel free to contact us today!