Throw with Fringes

Welcome To The Throw

Your day is finally done. Not only have you tackled your 8 hour work day but you’ve come home, taken care of supper and made sure that the kids are tucked in. It’s now time for you to indulge in some peace and quiet, so you make yourself some popcorn and start looking through your Netflix catalogue for the perfect movie to end off the evening. There’s just one missing element for your well deserved down time to be ideal. It just wouldn’t be the same without the comfort and warmth of your favourite throw!

Throws have become the go-to item when it comes to getting some quality time on the couch, whether you’re getting some alone time or spending time with the family. We know how a soft, cozy throw can make a huge difference during your relaxation which is why we offer a wide variety of throws, made from different fabrics, colours and patterns. Additionally, we can make your throw to your desired measurements!

A throw definitely has a practical use, but it also serves as a beautiful, decorative accent for any space in your home. With our endless choices of fabric and colours, we are sure that you will find the most beautiful, matching throw for any room. Drape one across your bed for that elegant, classy look and, as we mentioned earlier, place one on your sofa for that perfect living room accent. While adding a decorative touch, you also get the convenience of soft, cozy warmth at arm’s reach. A throw also becomes very useful when your spouse decides to pull all the bed sheets to their side of the bed!

With C&M Textiles you get the convenience of endless fabric choices and the indispensable help of our knowledgeable team. We will guide you to choosing the ideal throw for your space, both in function and in design. Don’t forget that we can also custom make your throw to your measurements, so there’s no throw too big or too small. Dim the lights, welcome to the throw.

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