We’ve Gone to Plaid: Fabric Trends in Upholstery and Home Decor

We’ve Gone to Plaid: Fabric Trends in Upholstery and Home Decor

You don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy the colorful simplicity of a plaid pattern on anything from your curtains to the upholstery on your living room furniture. Yet, chances are the image of the particular pattern and color you had when you went to buy the fabric was markedly different from what you found in the store. That stands to reason, as there are multiple styles and patterns of plaid to choose from!

In order for you to accurately satisfy the plaid fabric trend in upholstery and home decor, C&M Textiles believes it’s essential to know these eight styles:

1. Tartan

Originating in ancient Scotland and used by the Scots to represent their clans, the multi-colored, horizontal and vertical intersecting lines of Tartan plaid are instantly recognizable. Muted maroons, navies, and olives are often accented by vibrant reds, whites, and golds to create a contrasting pattern with a classic appeal.

2. Gingham

A quick viewing of The Wizard of Oz will reveal the trademark pattern of Gingham plaid, as it’s clearly visible on Dorothy’s dress. A contrast of white and single (usually faded) colors, the checkered pattern is earthy and rustic and would make for excellent drapery or tablecloths in a cottage or summer home.

3. Window Pane

With its smaller intersecting lines revealing larger blocks of color, Window Pane plaid obviously gets its name by resembling the outline of a window pane. Simple, yet elegant, Window Pane plaid can work for those who want to avoid ostentation with fabric trends in their upholstery and home decor design, but would still like some form of pattern to accent their aesthetic.

4. Buffalo Check

This type of plaid has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years, no doubt in part to its fusion of classic and contemporary styles in its large blocks of color (usually black and red) contrasted by thin, intersecting lines of alternating color. For an inviting yet chic look for your living couch, chairs, or love seats, Buffalo Check may be a great consideration.

5. Houndstooth

Houndstooth plaid is instantly recognizable by its pattern of four-cornered, diagonally-ordered shapes, that alternate with another color. When the colors used are similar in hue and vibrancy, the pattern is perfectly understated. This is often used for couches and chairs, so as not to distract from more flashy pieces of decor in the room.

6. Tattersall

Perhaps the most evenly geometric of all the plaid patterns, Tattersall is often used for men’s clothing, usually in formal dress shirts. Coming in a wide variety of colors, Tattersall can fulfill any fabric trend in upholstery for home decor; a perfect choice for everything from furniture to bedding.

7. Glen

Also known as the Prince of Wales check, Glen plaid is characterized by a woven twill design of small and large checks. Usually alternating between dark and light stripes, this pattern has become popular for accent furniture, as well as for drapery.

8. Madras

Originating in a city in southern India, Madras plaid closely resembles a Tartan pattern, but with many more intersecting lines and vibrant colors. Usually seen in pants, shorts, and dresses, Madras can also fulfill fabric trends in upholstery and home decor; drapery, throw pillows, and even bedding look resplendent with this design.

Help for Fabric Trends in Upholstery and Home Decor

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