New Fabric Trends Can Spruce Up Home Decor by CM Textiles

New Fabric Trends Can Spruce Up Home Decor

For many, the words “redecorating” or “renovation” can be panic-inducing, conjuring up images of long hours in front of catalogs and swatches as your bank account slowly depletes. Yet, not all home decor changes need to be laborious and expensive. Sometimes, even the smallest of changes can reshape the look of a room, saving you both time and money. For example, changing the look of your living room couch need not necessitate a trip to the furniture store and a payment plan. A simple trip to C&M Textiles for the latest in fabric trends and home decor and you can have a reupholstered couch that will change the entire aesthetic of your living room in no time flat and at an affordable price!

Linen: The Newest Fabric Trend in Home Decor

A popular new fabric trend in home decor has been the use of linen as a material for the reupholstery of couches, chairs, and love seats. Durable, neutral in color, and affordable, linen can be a viable alternative to buying a new couch when it comes to changing your home decor.

A Color for All Seasons

The neutral tones of a light grey/beige linen fabric on your couch can provide a classic look to your living room. Additionally, the neutrality of color can match any other color in your living room, making the design of your home decor that much easier. As well, the light beige/grey color works well in any season, not requiring a change from autumn to winter to spring to summer.

Despite linen’s resurgence as a hit fabric trend in home decor, the experts at C&M Textiles can help you find a linen fabric that both matches your style and pocketbook- just book a consultation appointment today!

A Fabric for Everyday Use

A living room couch is often one of the most utilized pieces of furniture in a house, subject to the wear and tear of use from multiple family members. This overuse can be compounded if you have pets, small children, or a clumsy spouse, as hair, baby vomit, or spilled drinks can ruin a couch quite easily.

One of the reasons linen is such a viable option for couch fabric reupholstery is its durability. Heavyweight and easily cleaned with store-ready fabric cleaners, linen can survive the worst your family members have to offer, leaving your living room decor as resplendent as it was when you first redesigned it!

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